Blog: Fleet management, the next steps


but you just lost your cloaked corvette and three dreadnoughts
with no battle report

as they just crashed into my cloaked corvette and three dreadnoughts because the 8 ships couldnt detect each other . . . . .

(meanwhile 2 captains of the 2 secondary fleets with cloak detectors are screaming “LEFT, LEFT, TURN LEFT GODDAMMIT”)


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You mean the subspace radio is broke as well! Did they get the british government do the contract negotiation for that as well?



Seems to be they are creating problems by trying to fix minor things. The new grid layout in the fleet formation, love it… then adding the limiting distance between ships???/ Why, to what purpose are you adding something like this that only creates limits? You should be able to place ships ANYWHERE in the grid with a minimum space gap requirement between ships to stop “collisions/overcrowding” and leave the AoE weapons as they were. Would have been a simple solution with no additional requirements. What was the logic behind the desire for a max distance setting between ships? I can not see a single benefit or reason to have implemented it in the first place?



Just checking good denizens of Alpha 3.

Anyone else still massively frustrated with the “sticky strings” in the otherwise lovely looking Fleet arranging screen?

  • Somewhat Improved thank you
  • Inability to easily change Flagship is massively pissing me off still
  • Out of interest and in an attempt to keep the convo light: Why Acid green for the gridlines? Why not the grey blue of the rest of the interface? Bad Feng Shui :rofl:

Overall: Still would far prefer a roll back to what we had before. But will as ever bow to the majority, but the “improvements” are so drowned in lack of usability and annoyance making stuff as for this patched version to still be what I would call a great step Backwards in fleet management. - Sorry



Honestly, I agree Zathabar, would like a total roll back of features from this patch and the last, with a complete redesign of everything from the ground up.