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Would achievements give any in-game benefits? How would we see what someone else has achieved?

Also, since there are going to be multiple game slots would the things like colonize X planets be counted across all game slots, or would you need to do it in a single game?



A large portion of the ones listed can easily be done with two friendly players rigging them.

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These are Steam Achievements as far as I am aware? @joe

@Colonel_Sheppard while you are correct, if people want to waste vast resources on getting achievements, then more power to them. Killing hundreds of ships for achievements, and trading planets while killing hundreds of thousands of population, a lot of people just aren’t going to invest in.

I think these are pretty cool, and add a bit more to the game for those that like Steam Badges.



#40 Revenger is rather awkward. I would suggest renaming it to something like Best Served Cold (revenge is a dish best served cold)



@Archo since they’re working on this as part of profiles it would be something you would see if you inspect another players profile.

Since it’s related to our profiles and not individual servers specifically, I suspect that they will be cumulative or at least permanent once achieved. It makes sense that way.



cool beans like this way of going :slight_smile:



Overall looks great, a few are quite funny (not a bad thing).



Add some in peeples! I’m tapped out

(Besides its like I am talking to myself)

EDIT: (After reading the growing suggestions) I take it back you are all crazy! God bless this nutty community!



A few more details on achievements:

  • They won’t give any in-game benefits
  • They’ll show up on your player profile
  • You’ll be able to view other player’s profiles (from within the game too) and see their achievement progress
  • Achievements will be tracked on a per-galaxy basis, but you’ll be able to see those unlocked both globally and per-galaxy
  • We do intend to tie it in to Steam in a follow-up version

That list is already looking impressive, a lot of awesome ideas - thanks to all of you that have contributed so far! Still plenty of time for others to add their’s too…



Good point, we’ll keep it in mind

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Just a reminder, we’ll be closing the suggestions sheet tomorrow at 14:00 UTC: