BLACK Mercenary Inc. | War is our business

Getting bullied by your neighbour? Did your alliance get you in a war you didn’t want? Or just want to show your evil neighbour who is boss?

Then Wait No More, BLACK Mercenary Inc. | War is our business is accepting contracts.

We offer a wide range of services, from small scale HARASSMENT to large scale SIEGES. Our operational area is GALAXY WIDE in Awaken the Dark. Our roster consists of proven combatants, and legends such as @Belisarius .

Payment will be negotiatied on a per contract basis. Message @Rae or @Daktaklakpak here on the forums or ingame.

Use code 1337 to get a 10% discount on your first contract.

*BLACK Mercenary Inc. | War is our business is a branch of BLACK SAILS

*moderators, please keep this threat clean and on topic


Rae can provide timely and effective threat reduction you may have whether it is from a pesky mutual defense pact that bites you in the ass, your alliance gets you in deep water, or a fight you just don’t have time to deal with due to vacation, work, or needing more sleep.

Prices are fair and reasonable.

COTP need not apply.



Rae had this idea and I thought it would be really neat to see a bounty-type of system in-game tied to tech and/or politics/social mechanics.

This will work, though. For now! :smiley:

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I would like a quote for what you would charge to babysit your sweeper outside a minefield.


We don’t babysit sweepers unless they’re INSIDE of the minefield

I think.

@Rae !?