Beyond Dark series


I’m planning to make a series of videos about this game, my first video can be found here:

It is simply me trying to figure out the game, I am enjoying it quite a bit and thing a series for this game will be fun.

  1. Concerning 1:00 minute, There are 460 players playing the game (not online, the one that is currently online is the one you see in the chat ie. 26/520).


Hi Manni-Gaming - just trying to fool us huh lmao


Thanks for uploading this - it’s interesting and useful to us to see a new player’s first interactions with the game.

The construction times for buildings will be shown under their attributes soon, and we will be making further improvements to the research screen (adding/removing items to the research queue was confusing/lagging)


I would also like to add the ability to change the order of each queue.


Why do you keep suggesting this is Manni? They are different people.


Here is the second part of my series!