Beyond dark information page open!


This site is a collection of information about BD in one place. We will gradually improve and add. I ask you to use a lot. If you have anything to add or edit on this site, please send me a PM anytime.



  • Add Cheatle’s starting guide to the website
  • Helpful starting guide
  • Humans need to be added to the website
  • Text is hard to read at certain times (white background), suggest adding a container to the website
  • I could help with the website. Just add me as a collaborator to the website


I didn’t follow the link last time, I’d prefer a site sanctioned and originating with IDA… With IDA administration and player moderators.


I actually really like this!! Make the fonts prettier and you’re on to something here :wink:


If you want to be a collaborator, I can give you grant authority. Do you want to?


Even if it is not officially approved by IDA, I thought it would be nice if there was a site that could integrate all the information about the game in one place :slight_smile:


Sure, i will DM you details


I’m glad you like the site I made. :slight_smile: