Best race?

whats the best race right now.

Subjective based on playstyle i suppose. But i strongly suggest you not try humans until you have some experience and they are buffed up. I hear some folks success with them i’m just not sure how because their ships are…lacking.

Depends on your play style. If you have a lot of time to play and micro manage, either PR or Ripchee are the best organics. PR has very strong large war ships, decent freighters for hauling resources, but poor corvettes as they are only good for their specific use as a flag to perform minesweeping, espionage(cloak) and cloak detection. Ripchee has slightly weaker large war ships, crappy freighters for hauling resources, but the best corvette for sneaking in a reasonably sized war fleet under cloak, or moving through minefields to destroy minelayer and sweeper fleets, etc.

Syntis require less micro management, can haul the most resources of any civ, have the strongest military in strength (man to man combat), have decent but not the best war ships, slightly behind PR, can lay mines with a fast corvette while remaining corvette functions are much like PR limited to specific functions because of their flagship size. Corvette vs Corvette they are the strongest, but are limited to 4 in a fleet. Major drawback is they have hard caps on the number of planets you can occupy and the number of fleets you can have in play and they are slow to start up due to a fixed tax rate and the lowest population growth rate. Organics have other mechanics that create “soft” caps.

If you want to be a warrior any of the three listed above, given their limitations, are good. If you want to be a trader, then go Syntis. They can haul tons.

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Mankind = HARDMODE
PR = EASY MODE first two Tiers, T3 they are OK
SYNTIS = MEDIUM MODE for T1, EASY MODE For T2, and then on par with PR T3

Basically Ripchee, PR, and Syntis are superior during different parts of the game, and balance out some what over time (Though Syntis Corvettes, and Ripchee Corvettes, both break the game badly at different levels)

Syntis overall require less micro management due to not dealing with fleet support, happiness, and having massive amount of material they can transport at a given time. They are probably the easier overall to play, and they are OK at T3 holding against PR and Mankind, while Ripchee still kind of break T3, but that is another discussion.

Ripchee have a really hard time, and require the most micromanagement, because they don’t quite get as much happiness bonus, they growth much much faster, and require much more logistics to get resources from place to place. They also have weaker ships than PR and Syntis up until Corvettes at T2 and then all of T3+ is just superior in every way. So Ripchee do well in the long game.

PR overall are a happy medium between Syntis and Ripchee, and are almost always relevant in the meta. They have super buffy ships, lots of utility slots for ships, and they can put out a lot of firepower.

Mankind suck at everything. You will constantly be fighting for every inch, you will be out gunned at every battle, you can’t make nearly any mistakes. You have much poorer defense, you will have to waste utilities slots for better defense just to compete with other races. Every good stat you get one of the other races is better. Mankind were suppose to be well rounded, but they ended up just being OK at everything, and because they are OK at everything it makes them vulnerable across the board.

I currently play, Mankind.


ATM Syntis. Because the game is way too raw - unbalanced and boring.

  1. unbalanced. There is only 2 options because of it - Syntis and Ripchee. Look Cheatle’s post higher for details. He is almost correct. “Almost” - because he ignore minor races factor wich influence game greatly. For example with the help of good number of Evolvian and Akorokken planets Ripchee reaches t2 when others still t1 and t3 when others still t2 so basically if u start as Ripchee at the first day of galaxy with a proper playing u can have “EASY MODE” all the time.
  2. Boring. There is not much to do in game. U have not any eticing and interesting PvE. While PvP agains active player wich reaches late stage is unbenefitial and boring because of a lot of nessary job around minefields and orbital defence.
    As a result u will end up in ur small corner doing nothing more than managing ur own the late stage. U will just hate to do anything else. AND HERE we welcome the greatest advantage of syntis - simple management. U will spent much less time than organic player to reach the same objects.

This depends on your start, not everyone has Evos and Squids near them.

Why are you still here if the game’s so boring?

Trolling again I see.


I am Syntis, I like being Syntis. I love not having to deal with the happiness issues unless I choose to by having a 2nd race as organic. I can haul a ton of resources once I have decent freighters. The 2nd T1 freighter isn’t awful and paired with a T1 destroyer or frigate as the flag can move a lot of resources somewhat early in the game. The only downside for me is the Very slow going at the beginning because of our low growth rate (as compared to other races and our fixed tax rate of 35%. By mid game things get better in that area.

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And that is the greatest mistake in ur thinking. Distance is not important in the face of their benefits. U don’t need all thise far-situated planets in the late game and can just abandone them in process but in the early game they are vital even if they are from ur HW.

Again, I will state, not everyone has Evos and Squids near them.

You have to take into account star density, we have a player that has 5 stars within about 70 LY of them. Also, within 100 LY of me, there were only 3 Evos and 3 Squids…

Yep, on pre beta server ive got 4 stars in my planetary scanner range…dats it. and not a single native population to be had.

Edit: technically not true, but i don’t count it on planets smaller then 7km so meh.

Edit Edit: DAG NAB IT i mixed up servers…my A3 reset was the royal messed up start with only 4 stars…man i need to sleep more :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I know this is a lot of work but…
With this sort of variation if there is to be any attempt at a fair start for all we need the resource count & quality for those with few potential worlds to be artificially raised…

Still up to a point, the challenge of a difficult position is also somewhat fun, (veq you may disagree I am not trying to be insensitive to your situation!) But if the game is to at least claim to be skill based some effort needs to be reworked in to iron out random chance like this.

That said irrespective of where he started is anyone from Alpha surprised to See @Pepelekus marching way up the rankings? He has found a system of doing things evidently. Perhaps we (I at least!) haven’t yet found such a good way of maximising my early game.

Hmm dunno, back to the old drawing board!

Think i need to get better at prioritizing my technology, which comes kinda hand in hand gauging what my neighbors are doing or about to do. Currently I’m unsure what their up to so i checked then double checked to ensure i wasn’t a raving lunatic, THIS TIME, that i was in fact logged onto the pre beta server. :slight_smile:

One empire appeared to be active but see not signs of movement now, and another i see not the slightest heart beat and i’m camped in their home system. Prepping an invasion fleet for that guy. Gonna take a while with out long it takes to train troops this early on :slight_smile:

Very disappointed in some of these comments. We are giving “opinions” to someone about what civ to choose, why do we have to argue about who’s opinion is best. Just give it and walk away, let the person receiving the opinion decide, geez.

[quote=“Cheatle, post:4, topic:4471”]
Ripchee have a really hard time, and require the most micromanagement, because they don’t quite get as much happiness bonus, they growth much much faster, and require much more logistics to get resources from place to place. [/quote]

OMG you have just perfectly described my last week. I’m on the verge of abandoning the game from all the micromanagement. Is there a plan for automation or orders lists?

And Hi everyone, nice to be in on the game. I am enjoying it overall. For a pre-beta, they have a lot of stuff and not too many bugs. I think it’s a pretty good implementation so far.

btw this may be a nieve observation, but I’m detecting hints of Astrowars. Is that true or just me?

In the meantime, party on. :smile:


Welcome to the game!

Yes well they are experimenting with more automation. I assume you tried the Auto govern feature on some of your worlds yes? And had the back up of Auto research checked yes?
In all honesty I have found the auto planetary management to be a bit too efficient for my taste but then I am not playing Rips this time around? That said our current leaderboard leader is running away with the score playing the Kats so he must be doing something…?

Hang in there fiend! Or if you must you can always reset and try a differnet race.

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Thanks and I’ve seem to have made it through steep part of the learning curve and managing my time and systems better.

But yes, I tried the governors and fired them all. They just loved their power projects and farms too much. Guess I have a lobbyist problem. Perhaps that’s just a prelude of the corruption mechanic I’m about to explore. :stuck_out_tongue:

About balance… My synthis heavy destroyer T1 was able to solo full 7/7 mankind fleet, lead by destroyer T1 and corvette (T2 ship).
So yes, balancing is a need - but its not the most important thing to do atm with game (unless u play human :smiley: )