Battle Videos - Alpha


Please post your links to battle videos and I’ll add them to the below list:

Large Syntis Fleet vs Large Syntis Fleet
Video 1 (3:03) - Manni-Gaming
Video 2 (1:21) - JH R
Video 3 (1:31) - JH R

Ripchee Fleet vs Syntis Fleet
Video 1 (3:30) - Manni-Gaming

Fight record of everyone :see_no_evil:
A change to how battles work - Would this work
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Thank you for sharing for my fleet battle^^

I want you to upload this video as well.


Hey Joe, did you notice that when I was fighting with Thordi, one of his swarmers did not turn? Is that a visual bug?


Thanks for pointing it out, I did notice it and have reported it.


This video is a large-scale fleet battle video before the reset. I wanted to record all the battle feeds, but the battle was similar, so I only recorded some. It was the largest battle in the history of the Alpha version and I wanted to celebrate it. It was a 34 minute video and there was no fight with ripchee. It is a little sad. Anyway enjoy this video^^
And the cruisers of mankind are VERY powerful. Assuming you have the same weapon, it is powerful enough that the cruisers of other civilizations is defeated unilaterally. Rebalancing of the high-tech ships of each civilization is necessary. @joe


BTW, saw my battle with yours. Funny how the ships do not turn on spot, and decides to rotate around an axis :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot for posting this video Avalanche - it was good to watch. Also, some of the bugs shown here were worked on this week e.g. the issues with weapons visually missing but registering as strikes.