Basic Freighter Should be lower on Tech Tree

I was looking for my freighter so I could build one and collect the resources after I kill the pirate and then realized it is above the life support modules on the tech tree. What do life support modules have to do with building a freighter? I understand it’s need in order to build a colonizer, but you can’t build a freighter until the tech is done and there’s no point in killing the pirate until you have a basic freighter. I’d recommend this be a starting tech as well.

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Huh? I have unlocked both already they are on the same tier unless… unless they have tweaked the tech trees around again? I’m PR I see you are Syntis this time how much to unlock Freighters then for you? mine was 0.5 Tech

Mine is .5 as well, but comes after the Life Support Modules. I don’t mind the .5 time as much as it has the pre-req that it has. I’d have started it sooner if I’d have seen it earlier. Just delays designing and building a basic freighter for 37 minutes if you’re paying proper attention. I just found it annoying. Since I wasn’t paying attention I couldn’t build it for an hour and didn’t want to be hassled with changing the order I had started the tech in.