Balance: Minor Species

After these two new features have been added in the next patch, we’re probably going to focus on improving gameplay for existing mechanics. Making sure things are balanced and looking at any features that aren’t as fun to use as they could be.

Minor Species rebalance
Minor Species should be the best secondary species someone can have on their planets in order to reduce the advantages of using multiple accounts to seed planets with a second major species and to increase the value of certain planets (more reasons to fight).

However currently the best planets are:

  • good size (22.000km+)
  • very high landmass (90%+)

Currently those types of planets can only be found in systems with the following seeds:

  • Mountain Giants
  • Skregons
  • Farsu / Limbalt / Zyril Systems

Therefor Akorokken, Evolvanians, Zonikloids and Harpy are already at a severe disadvantage even without considering their innate bonus trait. Syntis are able to circumvent the landmass issue and are therefor the only Major Species that can make use of them, yet still only the Evolvanians are of any use to them.

Some simple and easy to code rebalance for ALL MINOR SPECIES:

  1. Major Species on planets with Minor Species as a secondary race will keep their 1.4x maximum population size modifier like on planets with just one Major Species.

  2. Homeguard of Major Species that are a secondary race on player planets will not help defend the planet when the attacking player is of the same Major Species but instead help the invader.

e.g.: A Ripchee player invading a Mankind player that has Ripchee as a secondary species on the planet aswell. The homeguard of the Ripchee will not help the Mankind defender but instead add their strengh to the attacking player in order to stop them being used as slaves and rejoin a true Ripchee Empire.

That will result in using two major species being still beneficial but also being risky when it comes to invasions. Also retaking planets will be easier this way strenghening the position of players that have lost planets.

  1. Higher base landmass for: Akorokken, Evolvanians, Zonikloids and Harpy

Mountain Giants:
Are balanced and dont need any change. Their trait might actually be too strong in regards to structure building times compared to the other species, however nerfing them will only result in taking away something that is fun to use instead of making the other species as fun aswell.

Their planets can be perfect in terms of landmass and the species trait is very useful for a variety of things. The obvious one being fast ship production, but they are also the best planets when it comes to science as one can build T3 Labs immensly fast there aswell, even Deep Mines can be spammed in enourmous amounts on those planets. However its interesting to see that their rather small population size does not offset their usefulness.

Their 5x Deep Mine income is useless and people prefer to just exterminate them. Also their landmass and climate preference make them very challenging to use with bio species.

possible rebalance:

  • remove their current innate bonus
  • add a new skregon deep mine structure that has improved values over normal deep mines
  • change their temperature tolerance

In case we get a full T3 Deep Mine rebalance and an overall reduced income from T3 Deep Mines, worlds with Skregons could act as the core industrial worlds of empires, by giving them their own type of Deep Mine much like the Harpy Scanner that are much better than the normal structures Major Species have access to. Yet their climate and landmass preference need to change so that all species can make use of them. Still they will have to compete with Mountain Giants and even a 2x resource value for those mines will not be good enough as planets with Mountain Giants will simply have many many more mines and support structures that will offset their normal mining income rates

Their innate trait is only good for the very early game and after that becomes useless.

possible rebalance:

  • double all science points generated on Akorokken worlds.

Their innate trait is only good for the very early game and after that become useless. Only Syntis can make use of them in the long run due to the fact that they can change the 30% landmass to 90%.

possible rebalance:

  • higher base landmass

Are utterly useless because their base planet landmass is so small and their innate trait just not good enough. Some people suggest using them as science worlds, yet Mountain Giants will simply build the crucial T3 labs so much faster aswell as having much higher landmass offering more labs overall.

possible rebalance:

  • They might be changed to something like the Kamino in Star Wars. A species with highly advanced cloning technic, increasing the troop production of all bio species immensly.

  • higher base landmass

Are useless aswell. Their scanners offer not that much of an improvement over simply using mobile fleets to justify spending a colony slot for a mediocre harpy world.

possible rebalance:

  • give the scanner the ability to see mines / cloaked fleets or a much increased radius.
  • higher base landmass

If every minor civs planet is better how exactly does that make players fight? There will just be more good planets available so less reason fight when you can expand into them, colonize and setup defensive sectors.

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Idk that I am in favour of haprys being able to scan either standard. I am in favour of anomalous readings and other such things that show up as a result of improved radar.

While they tend to not be great in some situations, I believe they are better than your giving them credit for. I will respond with when ive repurposed a Google sheet for definitive answers.

Some time ago I proved they were great even late game as on large worlds they freed up some 200k population that would have otherwise been devoted to farms. If I have time later I will find the post.

Yea I mean, late game they are replaced by a single t3 lab. It actually makes me sad. Maybe 1 RP just for having them and doubling their labs as you suggested.

Unlike many other races these guys depend on more factors than the others for their usefulness so its a little harder to really nail down on how useful they are. 15 deep mines distributed across resources you would not mine off the planet due to low density is painful, but on a world with 5 resources all above 50% means 25 useful deep mines, they arent to be passed over so quickly, though they are still lacking when compared to MGs or even a well picked and designed planet.

Idk how I feel about these. The first 2 I am ok-ish with, but the last one I dont like. These worlds already have an initial higher growth rate, and higher (ish) pop that does not need a farm (until you have a friend to trade planets with). It also heavily favours Ripchee and disfavours the toasters cutting into their special trait.

A lot of good thoughts though.

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thank you for underlining my statement that Zonikloids are terrible currently.

like i said, its situational. 5% efficiency of the useful population on a mining world is hardly useful, but 50% efficiency is the difference between t1 and t3 power stations and is 10% less than the increased efficiency of the mountain giants you yourself stated were over powered but MG’s special only affects 1 structure late game, and zonikloids are even more efficient in more niche situations.

Lets use Mankind:

On a 24.000km planet with 100% landmass and Giants, the total combined population of 1.728.000 can support ~61 T3 Labs (with power and such)

On a 24.000km planet with 50% landmass and Zonikloids, the total combined population of 1.440.000 can support ~55 T3 Labs (with power and such)

So not even is the amount of labs less than the ones on the giant planet, but the player using the giants will have his labs build more than twice as fast.

btw your workforce numbers for labs are wrong

Lol it sure is. I’ve recently tried to switch from google to microsoft… excel failed to automatically repair most of my spreadsheet.

so i am somewhat wrong, while they arent as strong as I originally thought they were (before the failed calcs above), they arent terrible either. they are stronger than several races but are basically only great in niche circumstances although it is worth noting that a 99% LM and 24k diameter world is extremely rare, and that MGs would have to be on a 90% LM world to be as good as Zonikloids all other things being the same.