Backstory ideas for Outscape?

We had a backstory for the game put together a while ago (you can read it here).

But thought we’d also see what ideas players had for a backstory to the game?

Why are these factions from the same civilizations appearing? Are they from another place?

  • It could involve changes to the original backstory - or be an entirely different idea
  • Just a few sentences or bullet points explaining the idea would be great

Post your backstory ideas in the comments below (or PM if you prefer). Please limit posts on this topic to idea submissions only. Thanks :slight_smile:

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There once was a man from Nantucket
He was blown into space
Then all heck broke loose
And then along came the kitties

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Of course i suck at writing SO i think i’ll leave the REAL heavy lifting to the likes of the Zathablaster :slight_smile:

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@joe @mel

I would keep the main backstory it adds some depth and allows for multiple surprises.

Adding context -

Primary Races and Minor Races

Primary Races are those that have FTL/Warp Drives
Minor Races were abducted and seeded throughout the this Galaxy by an unknown force, they are pre-FTL/Warp civilizations with minor colonies.

Random Primary Races as secondary populations are those that found their way through wormholes into this Galaxy, but got stuck and had to create colonies on various planets to survive.

Everyone in this Galaxy is STUCK, all wormholes that lead here vanish afterwards.

Players are those that were sent by their government and/or explorers that wanted to create a colony else where. They went through the wormholes, however were stranded afterwards.

Basically, everyone in this Galaxy is from another galaxy and is stranded in this one, so everyone has to make a new life for themselves.


These are actually a Raiding/Reaver/Pirate based society that flocked through the wormhole. They have setup outposts hidden in nebulas all through this galaxy and they send out raiding groups to take what resources they can find.

Racial Context

Each race has a past, they all have back stories, and some of that should be revealed in some starting missions so that people understand the race they picked better and their motivations. Each race will have different started missions revealing their back story, as well as why they came through the wormhole to this new place. Everyone is literally brand new to this galaxy. The reason why they have so many defenses and resources is because they were supported in some fashion to become a primary outpost/colony for future expansion.

More Back Story

In reality, the Andromeda Galaxy is actually a place for observation and research, before an all out invasion of the surrounding Galaxies. An extremely intelligent species known as the Vakoth have come to the conclusion that all space faring races could eventually become a threat to their way of life.

The Vakoth use wormhole technology to travel great distances, instead of FTL or warp technologies. Higher end FTL/Warp engines, as well as special high end technology can actually damage subspace over time, their wormhole technology is dependent on an unaffected subspace layer to bore through from their location to their destination.

Through various studies they have recognized many cultures that were on the verge of Warp/FTL capabilities, as well as those that already have the technology. The Vokoth will study these races in-depth and will destroy them before they can create high end warp factors above warp 9. They have determined all known races within their galactic cluster that have the capability of producing this tech or the possibility that they can/will.

By allowing these races to populate this particular galaxy, they can study their behavior, their tactics, resources, and technology more in-depth to counter each race effectively. Once they have enough data they will systematically annihilate each race from existence, starting with this galaxy.


I agree with Cheatle on this. The main story as you outlined it is perfectly workable and for myself am totally happy just expanding on it and developing it with a bit of novelisation.

I like the idea that these “Vakoth” are a “Hidden Master” idea that can be used to explain certain artificial limits on things. A spin off idea is nibbling away at the edge of my cerebellum as it is now :wink:

I’ll put my thinking cap on and see what occurs :slight_smile:

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The Vakoth are a type V civilization on the Kardashev scale. Their technology has advanced over many billions years and they have completely colonised many thousands of galaxies. As they expand in their goal to control the whole universe the native inhabitants of the next galaxy in their quest are given the option to move or fight, the Vakoth consume 100% of the energy in a galaxy turning all stars dark, eventually all races chose to move, to move beyond dark. Wormholes are created by the Vakoth near each civilisation allowing them outscapes to galaxies located in universes created by the Vakoth. Any race incapable of warp travel is moved by the Vakoth. The Vakoth tailor each universe to their desired specification, designing the physics that will apply throughout the universe… Other then their modus operandi not much is know about this mysterious race… some theories suggest it is one entity one mind controlling all… similarly some think they are god…

@Zathabar something like this?

Allows scope to add new races at any time, controls the max warp speed and any other factor…

Very nice. Yes that could work indeed. I had an alternate spin on it where the Target Galaxy was in fact a cosmic prison camp where the Type V Civs sent their more primitive cousins to sink or swim… But your idea is much nicer!

Especially like the oblique reference to the Prototypes Name in there. We have indeed moved “Beyond Dark” now haven’t we :slight_smile:

In essence we have the Organians / “Q” peoples / intermixed with a touch of the greater space Gods (Cthulu’s mates) pulling the strings of reality. Lots to work with there! All depends on how detailed and how much should be “Cannon” and what is Legendary withing the Outscape universes reference.

No absolute right answer there which is as it should be !

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I see no reason why the storyline should be changed although I always thought it was more the aftermath of the game mass effect.

:warning: Spoiler warning :warning:

For those who dont know, an alien race created jump points and highly user friendly network and hub in which races could utalize for a great benefit, but eventually the aliens would come and erase every (or more accurately as many as they could find) trace of life before retreating to the depths of space to hibernate again. At the end of the series, commander Shepard has the option to destroy the entire setup effectively abandoning everyone exactly where they are and causing all tech utilizing their systems to stop functioning (including communication) which is kind of full of plot holes, but whatever.

/end warning

Anyway, I do like the current plot and I havent read much about the individual races yet, but should be based on their race’s identity, for example, a race that is very defensive is less likely to jump through the wormhole so there would have to be something more lucrative in the original transmittion, whereas a race that is highly aggressive probably only needed the worm hole to show up before barreling through it. I do feel that each race would have brought more fleets though. A merchant race would probably bring more colonization vessels and supply ships, which is kind of why I thought they would have been abandonded by their race or because of something. We start with very few ships and there isnt much in this galaxy location wise worth studying-yet.

Maybe the intro to the game would be a heated battle with predetermined results that exemplify being lied to as our early colonizers (colony ships and their defenders) crash into some hostile force destroying most of the ships on arrival with the wormhole closing behind us. The enemy could be left with 5 HP/no munitions at the end of the battle and finished off by our scout ships which can be the reason we have so few.

The intro can then include cleaning up the destroyed ships and basic ship movement as well as colonizing and other simple functions. Granted the first colony ship deployed to a planet needs to be a seed ship and not just a colony ship but you get the idea.

Food for thought at any rate.

Exactly right. To my mind we need variations of the genesis story of Outscape for each race. Some will be more “accurate” than others to the “Truth” but they will tell the same broad story along the lines of their races way of thinking.

To that I hope folks that favour given races will consider how their races would process the plot that is developing here and interpret it to their populations. From that we can get some really interesting story-lines.