Awards for activity

Something that may make our galaxies more active without adding more coding to the game at present is if awards are granted for their place on the leader boards. This concept was touched on but I dont remember if it was requested. Prizes can be a badge on the forums or a fleet indicator like talked about here. Until the system is fully developed, the names can just be recorded in screenshots and such and awarded later, but to promote activity now, we would need a promise. I was thinking a new fleet indicator only for the top dog and badges for the top 20? The badges dont need separate icons but should give the specific galaxy on mouse over.

Are you talking about a community run thing please Odis?

I mean they posted this about official “achievements” a while back

If you are saying we should start our own league table then yeah I’d go for that. Otherwise we just have to see where the official list is in the long development queue I guess??

Yes, I did not realize that was posted.

Edit: aparently I need permission

They Closed it after a bit, the community had a window of time to suggest achievements to the devs and now they are looking at them.