Automated transports

I wonder if there are any other in the game that think this feature is kind of weird. In stead of “fetch”, it’s “deliver”.
Scenario “deliver” as it is now : I have a planet with a shipyard, and I would like to transport resources from other colonies to it. My transport fleet(s) need to go to several colonies to get them, and as for now I would need to have several fleets to deliver from each colony.

Scenario “fetch”, as I would like: I have 1 transport fleet that i can give multiple orders.
Order 1. fetch Farsu from colony A
Order 2. fetch Zyril and Limbalt from colony B
Order 3. fetch Farsu and Zyril from colony C
And not setting an amount, but fetch whats there, so the route doesn’t stop anywhere.
This would work in early game in the same system, and when we have W5/3 engines to other systems in my empire.
This will reduce the tedious clicking and micromanagement in early game and you can concentrate on exploring and warfare. And this will be going on when you are offline as well, so when you log on, there is enough res there to build what you need of ships, and other structures for that matter.

I would like comments if anyone else have any thoughts about this.


I can second this. Whenever i want to setup a new network of routes it feels so wrong to start at the minor place.

I feel all 4 are necessary and should be combined: Fetch, deliver, queued orders, and repeat order. When setting up a new colony, 2, 3, or 4 trips to deliver goods can be necessary before returning with anything but sometimes I would like it to deliver B and retrieve F to the same colony.

I do agree, I thought I’ll keep it simple.
I’ve played Railroad Tycoon, and the logistic transport there is much more complex. The ideal way is this:
Roundtrip 1. From planet X, Farsu to planet A, beron to planet B, farsu and Zyril to planet C, farsu and ppl back to planet A, and ppl to planet X. And then set up if u want this route to be infinitt, or just a oneshot. I dont know how complex this is to program, but would be nice.
Or ideally you can set up a route at your need, short in a system, or long routes between systems.
For the organics the pain of having Transporter-buildings is to big, and the reduction in tax it costs is the biggest issue and a nobrainer towards a transporter-fleet flying around, at least in early game. I dont even consider it if I have less than 3 planets in a system. And in mid and late game the transporter fleets takes so much cargo, it’s no point in having the transporter- buildings.

Stars! had this and I’ve wanted this for like forever…