Auto Transfer Fleet only while online?

It seems auto hauling fleets disables themself, if you are offline. While online, these fleets works fine, but when going offline, all transfer fleets imidiatly stop working. Is it intended as it works now?

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its works offline but its very buggy. For example if you dont have 100% fuels your fleets wont do anything (no matter what fuel setting you have).


Would be great if the auto transfer order didn’t randomly vanish

Kinda hard to keep up with planets when they produce 80k+ an hr

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Yes. I wanted to wake up one morning to all the res on my home planet, but when i log on, the auto transfer was canceled and the fleet was just sitting there all night doing nothing, it only completed the first transfer when i first set the command, and nothing else was done the entire night.

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I have not had any offline problems with setting the fleet to 10000000 / h rate and using warp 3/5 no fuel fleets. Aswell as using different fleets for different resources.

What is your setup?

the same as you, 1m per hr for 1 resource, no fuel