Auto Research

So, the auto research fails at the top end. I have 4 techs still to research, each of which costs 33.8k RP, and one after that with a pre-req. But the auto research decided to research War Machines. Again. I’ve already finished it, I have a couple building now.

Thanks for reporting, I’ve created a bug for it and added it to the Bug Tracker.

If anyone else sees anything similar please let us know here e.g. auto-research researching a tech previously researched.

Yah! Just got back from nearly two weeks away @joe I set every planet to Auto Goven & Auto research.

NOT A SINGLE THING WAS BUILT OR RESEARCHED in 12 days…! Doesn’t matter too much as I see ol Peeps gave me a “visit” lol but the few worlds he missed are totally inert with no new building no pop growth (its waay below it s cap as well so why a farm wasn’t built with the 200K Beron and roughly the same credits is anyone’s guess!)

Still of the 5 planets he left me (oh Sorry @Pepelekus did you think you found ALL my worlds nah… missed two good 'uns - both deliberately “hidden away” - thanks for the minefields BTW that was FUNNY!)

Two might not have had the res to build stuff as I was planning on abandoning them anyhow but the other three certainly did (do) and have basically done Zip for nearly two weeks despite loadsa cash Happy (thanks to Pepe’s purge!) and hundreds of thousands of Res…

Puzzling no?

Anyhow I think I may carry on playing despite the setback till reset just to see how its like to try and recover from a hammer blow like our Galactic overlord gave me. Seems to me thats also an important part of the game: player resilience when not utterly exterminated?

We shall see :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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Not. I didn’t. I’d just take enough cats, planets and resourses to make 100k score (not only from u) and then freeze my activity.


Fair play sir fair play.

It was a good run!

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Very strange. I’ve asked one of the devs to take a look to see what happened. Will let you know when I learn more. Thanks for the info.

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I have the won’t go passed the tier 4 ship research when on auto as well.

I’ve looked in to this just now, it’s related to a config issue with the current galaxy, where the old record for war machines is still accessible to the auto research system. It won’t happen in future galaxies, so I’m not sure we’ll get around to fixing it for the current galaxy.