Auto building of medicinal happiness centers

The auto build is building happiness centers on planets with syntis only populations. Not much need for it to be doing this.


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Sorry for the irrelevant comment:
but this is: just too damn funny!

Autobuild has kept me from recovering my A3 worlds… It dismantled a buncha stuff and built a bunch more irrelevant drivel like the above now with my corruption level I cant build stuff fast enough to recover the world as EC and Farms seem to be auto destroyed when it riots these days.

RESET/ Alpha 4 Galaxy please !!!


Thanks for reporting this, I’ll get one of the devs to take a look.

I didn’t think it would dismantle structures but I’ll double check. Would you be able to provide more details of any nonsensical behaviour with the automated colony development that you’ve seen? Or if anyone else can post any specifics here it would be appreciated. I could get it all looked at at the same time.

Well that’s kinda hard as I have suspended play due to intense frustration but I’ll do what I can.

The thing is @joe I went away for a couple of weeks on a much needed break and (foolishly) thought it was a great way to see what the Auto governor would do while I was away from my gaming PC…

So I set both Main A3 & Skirmish to auto everything on most worlds leaving a couple un touched as controls.

Sadly ole @Pepelekus paid my skirmish holdings a visit on his way to the top so the data there was largely rendered unreadable (by me LOL!)

In A3 however a couple of worlds that were happy growing civilisations just fell apart… If it didn’t dismantle them then it did something else to caused my folks there (at a minimum of +0.3 happy growth - thats my MINIMUM personal safe value you see. I made sure ALL worlds Skirmish & Main were at at least that before I left for my break) to Riot away all the EC, Farms and Power stations by the time I got back from Holidays…

If I lose a world to enemy action I have really no issue with that! But to loose to a Bug is very frustrating.

I have tried twice each now to get them back on an even Keel but with the insurmountable mountain of corruption I cant get enough EC built to stabilise that before the RIOTS destroy the Power plants & Farms needed to SUPPORT that amount of EC in terms of Pop & Power. In other words: Corruption fails its job again and PREVENTS play not limiting it as intended.

Basically @joe @mel If you have a world that is heavily damaged by riot, enemies or in this case MAD MAD MAD Auto building then you are better off abandoning it to reset happy and rebuilding from scratch, under the current mechanics.

I cannot play a game that forces that kind of illogical action on me. I suspect I am not alone…

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You can make syntis riot and they also go after farms and EC. I am setting this planet up to give away and ran it low on power it seems.


So 49 odd minutes past 4 (FOUR!!!) buildings were rioted out of existence?!?

Seems rather fast or am I not understanding the SPAM - I mean “Notifications”

Well it was around a day ago I kicked off a bunch of stuff to upgrade and build at that planet. The 49 minutes represents nothing other then how long ago it happened.

I didn’t realize it was destroying stuff in groups though.
Also no notification in the main galactic news and notifications just in the planet history.

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That is weird…

I mailed @joe with some pics of my own problem world.
Short form for here is: Despite now having farms for 500K population after (AGAIN! - 3rd time) setting stuff to build over night I have ZERO pop growth so they keep rioting coz over worked and presumably will keep doing so till everything’s trashed again…

So in my case looks like >>> Riots prevent growth >>> Lack of growth prevents enough Pop to stop Riots >>> Rince repeat while destroying any building they can.

As that particular world is a a way from my other planets with lotsa spare pop (Need about +250K) it didn’t occur o me to ship colonists in wholesale to fix the Pop problem. But if its revealed a Bug/Bad Mechanic in the Riot/Corruption/Growth interactions then all good I guess?

*Shrug *

Thanks for the additional details and @Zathabar for sending through the screenshots from your planets. I’m expecting to hear back on this from a dev later today and will update you when I have more details.

Auto development isn’t supposed to order construction/upgrades if doing so would take labour shortage above 15% and there’s nothing in its logic to destroy/dismantle buildings (all destroyed buildings are related to rioting). Each ‘rioting cycle’ can destroy up to 5 buildings (how many buildings and which ones is determined randomly and some structures are protected).

Auto colony development shouldn’t be able to destabilize an already stable planet, but if something like bombing/invasion happened, it might not be able to recover the situation independently.

Correction: when I originally posted this I said the number of buildings destroyed by rioting is relative to the level of happiness. I’ve corrected this to: "Each ‘rioting cycle’ can destroy up to 5 buildings (how many buildings and which ones is determined randomly and some structures are protected)."

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We’ve updated automated colony development so it will only build these if there is a second organic population.

We found a bug related to auto colony development and the issue with your 2 planets is likely related. For smaller colonies, the wrong calculation was used to determine if ordering construction would trigger a labour shortage, so construction was ordered when it shouldn’t have been, and the situation couldn’t recover because construction continued.

There was also an issue where buildings that were supposed to be protected from rioting weren’t, which meant the effects of rioting were harsher than they were supposed to be and contributed to the colonies inability to recover. The fixes will be in the next patch.