Assaulting an undefended planet over 9 hours now?

Yeah I like this change. It does mean you might as well just plan on sleeping through your invasions, but it gives the defender a chance to respond, IF he has more troops nearby and IF he has a ship to move them there and IF he can do this without you blowing his troop carriers up.

Only thing I kinda frown on actually is that orbital defenses fire every 3 minutes, meaning you can’t park a fleet in orbit to defend your assault. Even if he doesn’t have one now, I don’t think he’s prevented from building one while the invasion is taking place(?)

Stupid in my opinion. If you plan to sleep, then plan to defend it. Anyone not properly defending a planet shouldn’t be allowed to keep it by defaulting all planets undefended to a 9 hour invasion.

I tend to agree with Atreides. A fully defended and reasonable sized planet can’t be taken now, so why increase the time for a completely UNDEFENDED planet to 9 hours. Learn to defend yourself and put that into the planning of your planetary defense. All you are doing is wasting a player’s time. I ALSO previously suggested to move the assault troop modules higher on the tech tree so player HAVE TIME to build up some defense on their planets. AND to remove them from use on corvettes for ALL civs. But no, let’s just waste our time going back to the A1 times of planetary assault.

I recall the post. I agree in the main though would prefer a caveat so that SMALL Assault modules could be produced earlier to encourage raiding: Which in turn would raise the awareness of a need to better defend yourself in turn.

But the Bigger troop modules? Oh yeah bump them up a notch by all means as it will make it a mid to late game event that actual taking of even an abandoned home-world.

Do you need assault troops to perform a raid, I’ve never bothered with them. Maybe make an even smaller version then, if so?

Yes you do. However 2000 troopers (One small Assault trooper slot) currently can lead a raiding force against up to 20000 defenders (total) that’s MORE than enough disparity to emphasis the need for greater defences In my opinion.

However, also under current rules a T1 Orbital defence battery will shred a raider int he Hour (in orbit) it takes to execute a raid.

We are unbalanced and swinging from one extreme to another here and its unsatisfying to say the least.

Agreed that was the devs whole intention because some people where voicing that they had their whole empire nearly wiped in nearly overnight and in one day. I think it could be a temp fix because invasions aren’t all that figured out.

Maybe restrict it to the small slot on a frigate? Can’t travel at w9 early, or even w4. Best with enough fuel is w7 and fuel is the biggest issue in early game.

Yeah take Assault troops capability away from Corvette class ships and the problem largely corrects.

Fix it so ODS doesn’t have a free reign to destroy Raider fleets and we could have a game of Raid & Counter raid to keep us busy without the huge loss a strategic world could be to a player.

And that as I said will make active players think to their defences which will stand them in good stead when planetary invasions with really BIG troop carriers becomes a thing…

But this has all been said at length before…

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Maybe someone should listen then lol. Instead of heading backwards from what I’ve seen posted. You’d think the progress should be forwards instead of backwards lol.


Thats virtually been my “Mantra” for a while now…

I could accept if stuff gets put away while they test something else but as long as we know its coming back no issues. I see nobody responded when I pointed out that the “Experimental change” on Warp speeds was PROMISED to be revised if we didn’t like it after a test and well we don’t its still there and they are ignoring the Player son that one looks to me.

But I am off topic now and shall cease. Apologies all. /Zath out

This same argument could be used for planning an assault. You know it can take 9-48 hours, and the opponent has time to react. Now you actually need to do something more than just send a scout to trip ODS and drop enough troops to win.

The new system adds complexity, and makes invasions of active players more challenging. Sure, having to wait a bit longer to take an inactive is annoying, and there are some issues with not being able to properly defend once you’ve started a siege. However, I’d rather keep the extended times and fix the few smaller problems.

I disagree on all of this.
The defender should have some fair chance to react to an attack and given that most people are going to be offline for 16 hours at a time (sleep + work), I think 9 hours is actually pretty generous and will often be in the favor of the attacker. But it limits the damage you can do. We should want the game to be more about me vs you and less about me trying to pull a fast one while you’re offline. It’s not realistic to say I should passively defend everything while offline. I can’t park a major fleet at every planet.

I also think assault pods should be lower on the tree, not higher. Maybe they should even be a starter tech. Otherwise you have the problem where Player A starts attacking Player B, who joined the game a few days later than A. Since A has assault tech and B does not, A can attack planets with impunity. B can’t even move troops to try and stop him, much less counter-attack! B must now rush to the required tech. The deeper you move the tech into the tree, the bigger problem this becomes. We will pretty much all have to rush to that tech because you can’t afford to be caught without it.


I some what agree with you here.

  1. People need time to defend themselves. Yes, you still need to have some defenses, this is what military + ODS + mines are for, however, an invasion shouldn’t be instant. And, on top of this, the main help you can give yourself is reinforcing with military, and if you go over your limit the military dies super fast. So basically, I have to have time to get ships there, and delivery military, and they not die in time to help defend.

This gives the attacker an opportunity to attack incoming fleets.

This system isn’t the best, but its better than very short times, and trying to take advantage of someone when they are offline.

  1. There is actually already a major issue, because you can get troops in a couple day pretty early. However the ships, and their limits (plus actually building the troops) are the real limiting factors. You aren’t going to get away with the tech tree being a big part of gating what can and can’t be done with troops, but I think there is a better way.

I think we should all have a “drop ship” ship that’s main purpose is to hold troops. That way we have ONE SHIP to balance troops by, instead of the 17 we currently have that can handle troops. Then we give everyone drop pods right off the battle, and we have 3 more levels of drop pods that can eventually be open to increase the amount of troops that can be carried.

With this, it means we can better balance the whole situation. We can balance races better for invasions, since everyone has one ship to deal with, we can better see where we need to put the drop pod tech, and we will know roughly when people hit larger flagship levels.


This. Seriously, corvettes have so many special features there is zero reason for them to carry troops. I can maybe see them wanting to let vettes raid, but it’s not worth the problems it causes letting them assault. Personally, I find the fact that this ever made it into the game troubling.

I took three worlds in skirmish with corvettes with troops that could cloak as well… And raided (under cloak) at least as many in Alpha 3.

And it turned out I was amateur hour at it in the end LOL!

Nah make “Scoutships” a separate tree. Base scouts a 0.1 sci development and have 'vettes somewhere higher up that way they are out of the Frigate branch and disqualified from Assault use.

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I think what it comes down to, is that Sabers are just OP, because that is what we are talking about.

Everyone else can’t use more than 4 with a cloak, super fast engines, mine sweepers…

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Respectfully. I was not talking about Sabres in my post above.

But yes absoulutly! We all get T3 Vettes or bring out the nerfhammer!

I was just observing that even with 2-8K Troops you can do some serious Cloaked raiding and even conquest of newer colonies from Cloak and that I submit is OTT

That is fair enough, in A3 we tested it, and a guy took like 10 colonies off someone else within just hours.

This topic has been discussed ad naseum since the invasion and minefield discussions towards the end of A3. Puma was able to make one of the systems interpenetrate and I had two that were close, as was our opponent. If you are all talking about the early game, then just start building defenses from day one, instead of just focusing on grabbing every planet within reach lol.

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