Assault Carriers Or Battle Cruisers

An idea I was thinking about for a minute was a t4 planetary warfare ship. Battle Cruisers/Assault Carriers, either name works.

On average, the ship would have six large weapons which can be used for bombers, probably six large generals, and have the ability to train troops in space. Have a flagship level of 16.

The ship has access to a module which can train troops in space. Having this module, along with troop modules, the ship will gradually generate troops until the maximum number the fleet can hold. This would be slower than planetary bases, maybe half through 75% of the speed.

Using this ship to assault planets, you gain access to Dropships. Dropships would basically have more resistance to orbit defense systems, since they can maneuver and avoid enemy fire. Id say using dropships would bring a t3 orbit defense anti invasion down to 65%, instead of 75%.

What if invasions were activities instead of a set timer? In an invasion, the battle would be tracked on a 5 to 30 minute basis. Every time it ticks, you get updates for the progress of the invasion. Depending on the population number of the planet, your troops will have to capture say 2 to 8 bases on the enemy planet, you get updates as to if your troops capture each base. If you get an update saying they are failing, the next tick will result in a loss unless you react. You can launch an orbital strike against the planet, this preferably would be done by the Orbital Bomber and not the Large Orbital Strike Cannon. This strike would have near perfect accuracy since the troops are on the ground to give the target location. The strike would destroy the base instead of the troops capturing it, and the invasion continues.

Thats it.


I understand what you are suggesting, but I’m not sure it makes logical sense to have the ability to train troops in space for what would be a planetary assault. If we were to assume that they are performing ground combat, they’d need to be trained on a planet with simulations of ground combat, which would likely not be available to them aboard a vessel. Hauling previously trained combat troops makes sense, along with the rest of your suggestion would be more realistic.

If developed it should also be a T4 hull and it would need to have enough slots for both ordinance, armor and troop carriers and disallow other weapons except possibly some medium ones to swat at flies which might bother them.

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You want to train troops in space on a ship with no penalty or overhead cost out of thin air to boot at half the speed of a planet? So a fleet of 16 would be 8x faster then a planet. How about no way should that happen.

And 6 large weapon slots? A syntis Dreadnought fleet with 17 cruisers with 4 weapons kills about 325k population in one shot.

I see no reason for a ship with those abilities having a place in the game.

They would be flagship only like dreadnoughts.

Hardly matters as if it’s just a flagship as you can still outproduce a planet with three of them and have no penalty.

Thats with one base. Out performing your homeworld would take 20 ships. And, a base is miles cheaper than one of these ships.

You used 50 to 75 percent of the planetary bases. You didn’t use 50 to 75 percent of a single military base as the example.

Still see little need for this either way. It’s basically a little miniature space station classed as a cruiser producing troops out of thin air. You also suggested large weapons slots with carriers be part of planet defence in another topic.

I said planetary bases, meaning one base. I didnt say they would be half the speed of an entire planets bases.

The idea is that the assault fleet can be independent. Without the need for a planet to supply it troops. I dont see why its such a bad idea. We already got dreadnoughts, why isnt there a t4 planet warfare ship? We didnt need dreadnoughts but we got them anyway.

So you want a ship to mass-produce people out of thin air.

Syntis, sure. Make a factory.

Everyone else? Make a whorehouse, I guess. And wait 18 years.

You also didn’t say it was flag only in the suggestion post. What will hold more troops a flag 16 fleet or a flag 18 fleet with 17 troop ships?

If it’s flag only it can’t be cloaked so no sneaking around.

If it provides troop training at 50-75% of one mil base it will take forever to build troops.

We have the ability to bomb planets at 90% accuracy already.

A 10% reduction in troop losses is a minimal amount when the player can reinforce by adding more military bases on the planet or shipping in some troops.

So what would be the motivation to use one?

I dont know. What is the motivation to invade planets at all when we can bomb them? A ship like this would just make it more viable.

If you think about it, we already do produce people out of thin air. The only difference is that its on a planet. So bringing it to a ship isnt such a terrible idea like you are saying. Im sure on a 2km long ship the people will have farms to produce food.

I just said I was pro-whorehouse. You said it was a terrible idea.

I think they need to first gives us a reason to occupy planets, rather than bombing them, before your idea would make any sense.

However I like the basic idea and I was thinking something similar such as super-capital ships with modules for various things. Such as troop training, repairing, re-arming, refueling etc. Like a mobile base to project your power over large areas, kind of like super-carriers of real life.

But I will make a different post about that…

Do you know the result of bombing a planet you are also invading? You instantly win the invasion when you kill their population off and you keep all of the infrastructure. It takes 30 minutes if setup right.