Armor Bane vs shields

Say there’s a ship with 2000 hit points and 1000 shields. You are firing 1% armor bane. What happens?

I theorize that you are doing 20 damage per shot, hitting the shields first.
Also possible is you are doing 0 damage until something else drops the shields.
I can’t tell from watching replays. If nobody knows, maybe someone could test it in one of the old worlds? If the second case is true then a pure armor bane ship should lose to a scout with a shield.

Kinda have to think it’s the first case, though – it deals damage based on armor value but deals it to everything. So a high shield ship lowers its DPS but doesn’t actually make it useless…?

never used them so idk from experience but i was told they do 0 damage if shields are online

Would love to test this, I’ll see if I can set up a test but are you sure this should be in bugs?

Moved to Game Help. I thought I had that selected…
I found a battle where now I’m 99% sure it was my first guess. Was basically 1 armor bane ship (and a bunch of scouts) encountering a battleship fleet. Looked like the armor bane ship picked his own unique target and did drop the shields on that battleship pretty fast – it had shields but was mainly armor so the armor bane actual damage should have been pretty high. It put some damage on the hull before dying, at least graphically.

Ok, testing done.

Much obliged to Zyane from CotP for researching and building the attacking ship for the test, this would not have been possible without your help.


AB Test control ship: 175HP/300Shields
AB Armour Test ship: 375HP/300Shields

Aggressor ship: 1x SPC1 (3DPS), 1x small AB

Results: copied verbatim from messages

Ok, for the results, it took 86 seconds to do hull damage for both cases so it’s safe to say damage does not scale to hull HP for shields. I’d say the shot at 84 seconds was the one that cracked the shields so from the 3 DPS gun, it did 252 damage to the 300HP shield, meaning that the AB only did 48 damage or about 0.57 DPS which is close to the 0.5 DPS of the stated. So I’d say ABs do 0.5 dps to shields then do fractional damage to the hull.

Conclusion: ABs only deal minute damage to the shields, 0.5 DPS for small and 1 DPS for medium.

Additional findings: ABs do not register as weapons, so a pure AB armed scout is unable to attack as the target selector would be greyed out and the (no weapons) warning will be displayed.


Thanks for taking the time to do this. @joe please put this in the tech tree popup-info, as for other energy weapons in the branch, “…are blocked by shields but do damage when shields are down/not installed…”.