Are there no kind of autobuild?

Like the title says, i wonder if there is any kind of auto build feature or is it designed only for those that can stay online all the time? I really like the game but i feel i cant keep up with the time i have some days.

There was an autobuild feature, i have just (after your post) noticed, that it got removed. I think it will return, if it has been reworked, actually i dont know why it has been removed.

Different rules on the speed server. Auto building was removed as well as auto research with the new system. For what it’s worth the auto build was terrible in the form it was in.

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That could explain some, could not find any server rules except some list somewhere that were hard to find. Do you know where i can find a list over the rules?

There is a game wiki but some info is in need of update. As for a real rules list nothing really as so much is left to add in and it’s all slowly being balanced and reworked.

I understand, thank you for the information :slight_smile:
As i said i love the game, Just hope they would add some good auto build for the speed server to then :slight_smile: