Aquatic Race idea

Spican (Aquatoid) Race

Civilization Stats
Physical Strength x0.9
Optimal Temp: 5°C
Temp Tolerance: High
Growth Multiplier: x1.3
Land / Water Affinity: Water
Max Home Guard: 20%
Max Unemployment: 25%
Max Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 30%
Stats: Tri sexed Dolphinoids, based on the concept found in Peirs Anthonys Book “Chaining the Lady” which I DO suggest to all players here.
Civilization Features
Prefer colder climates
Can form Large fleets
Weak mines
Strong Ballistic weapons
Very Influenced by happiness
Strong ship shields
Weaker Ships Marines due to environ suits

Spican Race ships:

  • Orca Battleship - Tier 3 Flagship - lvl 12
  • Great White Cruiser - Tier 3 Flagship lvl 9
  • Hammerhead Destroyer - Tier 2 Flagship lvl 9
  • Tiger Shark Frigate - Tier 2 Flagship lvl 6
  • Moray - Tier 2 Clipper Flagship lvl 3
  • Barracuda Destroyer - Tier 1 Flagship lvl 3
  • Marlin Frigate - Tier 1 Flagship lvl 3
  • Pod Centre - Tier 1 Colony Ship Flagship lvl 3
  • Bottlenose - Scout Class - Tier 1 Flagship lvl 1
  • Seal Freighter - Tier 1
  • Manatee Large Freighter - Tier 3

Notes: The Spicans might find they can colonise a niche that other races can’t IE water worlds. They prefer waters around 5 degrees but can tolerate a high change of temperature provided the Water doesn’t go too close to actual boiling point of course and is salty enough to stay liquid despite its coldness.
In Warrior to warrior they should be weak but their ships are fast and nimble so get advantage over evading mines perhaps etc
They are a very Social race to I think they should get good bonuses and heavier than normal penalties for Happiness changes.

Anyway just an opening idea feel free to comment or ignore. After playing the game a couple of days for some reason the Game lay reminded me of the books from where the inspiration here is drawn
/Zath out/

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Their ships may not be as nimble considering the fluid they live in is much more dense (air vs water) however, they should get high bonuses on defense considering their invaders aren’t going to be nearly as skillful at fighting underwater.

Thanks for this Odis, was not meaning to throw such an old post back up but sadly if you make edits occasionally it flips it to the top of the board it seems.

I can see where you are coming from and I agree. In the original source material for them there “Signature” weapon would be a missile that disperses a cloud that inhibits energy fire as well as damaging fleets. Think of a sort of “Acid cloud” effect.

But honestly the idea is so old it would need a buncha re thinking to bring it up to speed with the current game state.

Logically if they are water based their ships would make damn good battering rams! Lol. However so long as they can distribute the heat they should be able to withstand huge amounts of heat generated by energy weapons. Even ballistic weapons would have less penetration though shock waves may be an issue to the crew.

On earth, because water works the way it does, fish cannot survive a wide pressure variance which is largely irrelevant as long as there is a logical story line behind it. Lots of seismic activity in their home planet for example. Beyond that, water has a very high specific heat meaning it takes more energy to heat up a cubic foot of water than most everything else so as long as the primary function of a laser is to heat something up, well, its very difficult to weld underwater. It is not possible to sodder a wet pipe for example.

I knew what happened as soon as I saw the post (and am aware the explanation is for others as well) but I think all posts are relevant right up until launch.