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This is not a recruitment thread. It is a warning. And a call to action. For space is dark and full of terrors. Even now, zerg guilds, unsatisfied with their current numeric advantage, insecure in their gluttony, seek to spread across the galaxy. They recruit. Where they cannot recruit, they threaten. Where they cannot threaten, they destroy.

How do they destroy? That is simple: their borders secured by those too fearful to attack them, they strike out with impunity at the few who resist. Are you even now neighboring a zerg? Are they finishing off a more distant empire? Will they cast their eye upon your empire next? Will you cave in at the first sight of their ships? At the first mention of their name? Where are your fleets? Where are your minelayers? How thick are your troops?

An empire that finds itself an island in a sea of zerg cannot stand for long. Not when so few distract so many. But you can do your part. Find out the alignments of your neighbors. Many of you may already know, or suspect that the zerg lurks nearby. Send scouts ranging far. You can fight the zerg. You may find yourself overwhelmed and on the defensive but in doing so, you are buying other empires their own time and chance to strike out.

And maybe you will find some allies of your own along the way. What neighbors of yours are even now in a desperate war which you know nothing of? Two can stand strong against many.

Prepare your fleets. Search for targets around you. Search for a few friends to stand with you against the zerg. If you wait – if everyone waits – then the zerg lumbers onward, empire by empire, with too few fighting them, too few distracting them, and when they come for you, there will be no distractions left.


I genuinely hope you get a big bunch going.
The bigger the war the better :smiley:

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You claim the bigger the war the better. Your haste in allying with every clan you meet and anyone willing to mash accept on the treaty request has determined that was a lie.


so we war mongers when ppl want to villainize us and we are carebares when we welcome a challenge
This is why noone takes you seriously, always complaining


I hope you inspire some people to start some small alliances and perhaps confederate them, always fun to have a more balanced fight.

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They already started recruiting, but are all mainly under one banner, some have taken him serious, they just don’t want to show their faces, or affiliations yet. Ex-COTP that were kicked out, people that don’t like big groups, people that don’t like COTP, and a few other small groups. All this preaching about large groups and they are creating one.

This is how the real tyranny starts.

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It really depends on how it’s run. This is why I chose the name “confederacy” – a league of independent states who are not particularly bound to each other in any way. (Versus a standard guild model, where typically the guild leader dictates actions and the members comply, whether they think it’s a good idea or not.)

If someone in the anti-zerg confederacy said, “LOL GUYZ WE GOT THIS DOOD 8v1 COME JOIN THE BEATDOWN” I would say no thanks. I might even take advantage of the opportunity to stab them in the back because who needs that kind of weakness?

You literally just explained why the American Civil War was lost, by the Confederacy.

But I understand, and I do get you.

I would say it had a lot more to do with uneven distribution of manpower and materials in that the North had lots more of almost everything that mattered. Meanwhile, you might say the Allies were a confederacy in WW2 – individual nations coming together for a common cause without really unifying under one flag in order to beat (primarily) a single, unified, authoritarian enemy.

Confederacies – or leagues of individual entities – are just what you form when you need to work together but don’t necessarily want to tie the knot or submit to someone else’s rule.

I know what a confederacy is.

My comment was more akin to why the confederacy in America lost, it was partly due to the fact that they didn’t really see themselves as a country, but independent states that cause massive issues. Abraham Lincoln was able to direct as a single leader, Jefferson Davis herded the Confederacy like cats, decisions were very very slow on his side, because everyone had to agree.

As for WW2, WW2 wasn’t really a confederacy either, at least in the sense of how combat was ran. They had one centralized leader that commanded all forces for every country. The countries might not have come together, but all of their military power was unified under a single banner. Specifically, after America got involved, before then there wasn’t a proper unified front.

Getting a bit off topic here but they were outnumbered about 2 to 1 and were vastly underequipped compared to the Union, especially in the Navy. They never really had a chance to beat the North and knew it. Their plan was to cost the North enough that they would simply give up trying or, secondarily, to do well enough to secure European aid. Really they should have lost the war in the first year but Lincoln couldn’t get his generals to press an attack. The Army of the Potomac was forever “getting ready” and Lincoln went through a series of generals until he finally found some that would fight.

I recommend “The Civil War: A Narrative” by Shelby Foote as being a really good, in depth telling. It’s a bit dry in places but does a nice well-rounded job.

I am pretty well versed in Civil War History, part of my degree.

The North had 21 Million Population vs 9 million (4 million being Slaves). They were vastly outnumbered, however, at the time of the ceding from the Union, they were far more organized and built up military wise. The Union had less than 20,000 armed troops, mostly on the western front fighting Natives and Skirmishing with Mexicans.

The ONLY reason the North won via Navy, is cause they created a better Ironclad. The first one, which was built by Confederates, tore through the Union Navy pretty fast, winning battle after battle.

Lincoln did go through quite a few Generals, the only one that never really pressed the attack was McClellan, Burnsides was an idiot, and Meade was competent enough to win Gettysburg (though Sickles about lost it for them).

I disagree that they couldn’t have won, there were a few times that they had the advantage. Europe was very much on the South’s side, due to their cotton exports, and were going to lend them support. The only thing that stopped them was the Emancipation Proclamation, after that it was no longer a war about Federal vs State, it was a war about human rights.

Foote is a solid historian, he loves his anecdotes, better to have a sit down conversation with the man than read is work, I was told.

And yes, this has gotten far off topic lol

Are you all going to start arguing in the alliance channel?

This isn’t a recruitment thread is it?

I might be new, but I figure the earlier I make allies the better: so I’m actually working on a very small local defensive alliance now, with definite plans to form coalitions with other small alliances later. I won’t reveal the LY location publicly, but Slamz, since you seem interested in this and on the low chance you or friends are semi-near, if you want to know our general location let me know on direct message. I’ve seen you posting around here and find your posts both incisive and often hilarious. Don’t worry everyone else, you seem pretty cool too. <3 Except Cheatle, he’s apparently The Worst. I think? Or so the propaganda I read goes. :wink: (I’m just ribbing you Cheatle, no worries.)

Anyway, eager to learn. Skirmish has been interesting. I’ve scouted around for tips, but in case I’ve missed stuff, if anyone has resources and feels like linking feel free. No desire to derail here though, so just point me the right way if you’re feeling generous. I’m well aware I’m a super-newb. Just wanna get started on coalition building and newbies seem to spawn close together I think? So might as well be the one to organize one early for my area.

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The spawning algorithm favors spawning at the same time. If you try and spawn at the same time, we have worked it out that you have about a 75% chance to land right next to each other, and 25% chance to land in an opposite amount of LY away. So better to spawn together in a group, so that you are somewhat closer. They will probably change this though.

You want to try and organize yourselves into NAPs ASAP, and if you are intending to defend yourselves the best thing to do is mine all of your systems together to create borders around your areas. Put up lone scouts with public notes saying that this is your territory (not just YOURS, but your alliance’s), and makes sure you coordinate with one another about who is doing what, or how you are specializing early on (the first 2 or 3 weeks).

Finally, two major things, you can try and colonize each other’s planets to dual pop. However this is more of a long term thing, its not as viable early on. Then gifting, if you are of the same race you can gift ships. If someone is a better fighter, or has more time, or can be on when you can’t you can gift them ships within the same race. This can make a difference.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the info & tips, Cheatle!

Sure thing! Enjoy the game!