Another Kalambur in Advanced Engines

a day before - watched pictures & found it :
Scout Engine on small difficult picture with 4x engine elements,
Hyperspace Energy Engine shall be with 3x, but picture doesn’t show 3x - just 2x, …
& it is as its Free Warp Speed Coefficients are made …
that means Hyperspace Energy Engine = 3x its precedent engine model(it was evolved from);
& Scout Engine = 4x its precedent engine model;

but here Spacial Absurd, … Engineers of these Technology have a math : advanced engine & ship speed = nx base engine model, where “n” is quantity of base engines summed into Advanced Engine, …
then it shall make such Engines as :
Hyperspace Energy Engine
Warp Speed - 5
Free Warp Speed - 3
Power Output 3x 175 = 525 MW;

Scout Engine
Warp Speed - 9
Free Warp Speed - 4
Power Output 4x 125 = 500 MW;

& corresponding building costs …

What you are talking about was abandonded a long time ago for a more simple and easier model.

i playing Pre-Beta … it’s from there this everything

I assumed that, the concepts and rules you are talking about were used in the first alpha galaxy and if I remember correctly were changed to what it is now for A2 for simplicity.

i don’t know this, … i watched a pictures & assumed out of - their engineering, …

there are more stuff about it - that i can’t agree & it is in the other topic - now edited it as probably it was too difficult to get idea of it, … as got to discover during - more & more elements … that wrongly manipulated … Absolutely Wrong The Engines' Tech Tree: Building Costs & Power Output Replaced vice versa Hyperspace Energy Engine & Scout Engine

Read through the posts in the search as it covers some of the history of changes to the engines.

Here’s a very fast and quick version of engines off the top of my head.

Before Each Engine had its own power output and some ships can have ALOT of engines and therefore more power grid on the ship but more fuel cost…? (not shure) So now as others said engines provide X amount of power And the top engines have the best speed and power and fuel usage I cant wait for more engines to be added. but yah the system is all simple now for really anyone.

ok, great, i believe u …
but out of yesterday log in … this morning, while wakening from sleeping - i hadn’t any desire to play this everything … as it killed … this kills psychic …
… maybe gonna write about this event as topic … but have no really desire … it’s hard … to swim in this dirtiness …

i even wanted create another topic for engines as i see them, … but yesterday … it was something …

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