Another game developer stole Outscape's tech illustration?

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It is a scene from a game called ‘Eons of War’ that is listed in the Steam Store. As you can see, some of the technology’s illustrations are the same as those of Outscape. I’ve never seen such an illustration in any 4X game. In other words, I think it’s an original illustration of Outscape alone. I think we should lodge a complaint with the developer.

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Which one specifically? The stacked power bar? It’s a modern cultural thing, that is the universal image of the power bar on handphones.

Technologies called Quantum Computer, Genetic Engineering, ArtiFicinity, Space Habiter, Asteroid Harvester, and Energy Reactors are exactly the same as Outscape’s.

A lot of those are international. The Quantum Computer one is a picture of 4 computer tower stacks, the Genetic Engineering double helix is an internationally known symbol, the Asteroid mining one is… kind of universal as well, it’s basically a mining drill poking a hole, seen it in lots of games and the Energy reactor is the handphone power bar.

The ones that I don’t know of are the Artificial Gravity and the Space Habitats, not sure what those are supposed to be but the ones I mentioned are … kind of universal symbols.

Some of them have widely used symbols, but did they have to be completely identical in color and expression? They could have used different colors and used different expressions, right Is this a coincidence? It is a difficult situation to understand unless the Outscape developers have provided them with these illustrations.

Pretty easy to steal the images though.

Would not surprise me. There was a scandal recently where the Stellaris mobile app was shut down because they realized the game was using lightly modified graphics from Halo.

Probably why it’s a bad idea to outsource your artwork. But some developers are also simply unscrupulous and figure nobody will notice or, if they do, they can’t afford to do anything about it.

Steam might take up the issue though if the Outscape devs raise it with them. Assuming they aren’t just both licensing the same graphics pack, anyway. That’s a valid possibility too.

Thanks for posting this. While most of the models/artwork in the game are bespoke commissions, some of these tech icons were from a graphic pack from an asset store.