Alt accounts and the ATD servers

@joe You have players using alts to spawn in new areas and expand the ATD map due to the empty galaxy maps. I would guess there is still some terraforming going on at large worlds to bring them into usable temps and serviceable resource deposits with the new deposit changes.

Devs really need to weed out the players abusing the game mechanics.


To be fair to the devs, it is a tough situation – those extra accounts are revenues, and writing plus enforcing policies against multi-accounts is always a quagmire.

What is meant to be the natural control to this is aggressive new players joining … since this isn’t happening, the multi’s have free reign.

I agree and I suspect these mass price hikes is partly based on these exploiters. Something needs to be done about it. Starting by finding out how they exploit their multi-accounts to gain advantage and plug those loopholes.

For example, why does population over the colony limit give tax revenue? That is one of the first things they should shut down.

Transfer of population between different accounts is also part of this exploit. Remove that ability. You can’t do it between different races, why can you do it between the same?

Just because it is hard does not mean you don’t do it. And that revenue does not offset the damage they are inflicting to the game by inflating the economy and drive non-alt people away due to them being at a disadvantage.

I’ll pose this as a challenge then… suggest a sensible TOS regarding multi-acc, systems to enforce it, and projected costs to IDA to run the system to handle the endless customer service issues surrounding it.

Having seen this kind of thing fail pretty much universally, I would welcome your insight into fixing it not only here, but in all MMOs ;). For the most part, developers usually turn a blind eye to it because of the quagmire effect mentioned… it is one of many “hard problems” in MMO design.

One approach that is very-low cost is simply to reduce possible player-interactions – at which point we begin to ask, is the cure worse than the disease?

You don’t put it in TOS as using alts would be next to impossible to prove (thanks for @Puma for pointing that out) . What you do is find out how they are getting an unfair advantage and plug those loopholes.

Starting with transfer of population from alts, to double the supported population, put down 50 city centres, and haul in massive amounts of tax revenue.

  • Remove tax from overpopulation
  • Remove ability to transfer of population between empires
  • In fact remove the ability to use overpopulation for the purpose of anything. Tax revenue, employment etc.

Start from there and continuously fix these multi-account exploits to make it less and less worthwhile to multi-account. Ofcourse some devs refuse to because of the revenue reason you pointed out but that is at the disadvantage of the games future success unless these multi-accounters also become P2W whales.

I agree on our first idea, tax from overpop is bad. Disagree on second – if I conquer another of my race, I need to be able to use that pop.

True but treat that conquered race as a secondary population, just like any other race. I dont understand why dealing with an opponent of the same race should give you any advantage over dealing of another race. That is flawed design imo.

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The original distinction stemmed from making it too easy to “seed” planets with secondary pops; secondary pops grant a huge advantage (this may be the root of all evil here). This began the idea of restricting non-same race from being moved…

I would go one step further, let overpop scale unhappiness, and unhappiness causes riots leading to loss of the colony a la MOO 2. This should pretty much solve the issue.

Caveat: Soldiers added to a planet during invasion are not counted as citizens and have no effect on this proposed mechanic.


The biggest issue is it’s easy to bypass the reset timer. You can use an alt several times a day without issue. Devs need to be tracking the accounts that reset via population removal and restart on a server constantly.


That is an excellent point. That is really quite abusable and is easily remedied.