Alpha players: want a second galaxy?

We’re thinking of launching a second galaxy but first want to make sure that it’s something players want?

Check out the blog post for more details and let us know here whether you’d like this smaller second galaxy?


I’m involved in a mining war right now, so for me I wouldn’t have the time to play a 2nd galaxy.

I’m interested, @joe would this 2nd galaxy include changes you might be adding to the main game but aren’t in it as yet? Or is this just for us to fight in with few restrictions to give us something to do while you work on other changes to the main game?

Im neutral in this, but i wouldnt mind either.

Sweet, a 2nd hyper accelerated (fast clock) small galaxy would be a neat experiment.

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I think a second galaxy should be sped up, low res and fewer systems. Traveling to nearby systems should take an hour at the most, at warp 3. Research should be sped up, maybe a month to complete it. Systems should have little res and there should be fewer systems, to encourage fighting. But i honestly suggest you do some balancing changes before thinking about releasing a second galaxy, as everyone will pick one civ, and anyone who doesnt pick that civ will be wiped out almost immediately. The current galaxy is so boring because no one is fighting. I have over 400k farsu in my other system and i honestly dont feel the motivation to go get it to build more ships. The second galaxy under the suggested settings would be much more fun.

It sounds like a fun idea

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Id be interested @joe

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The latter - there wouldn’t be anything not in the main game because we’d want to keep things simple. But we think just reducing the number of systems to a couple of thousand would have quite an affect.

We considered speeding up the clock but doing so wouldn’t be as simple as it sounds and would take too long (more details in the post ‘Could we speed up the game clock?’). We think fewer systems and less res would be the most feasible option.

So a war Galaxy where we can wail on each other? Hmm seem to recall several posts about that :smiley:


Since I have to write more than 20 characters I will have to say I’M IN lol.

@joe since everyone is asking for an accelerated galaxy would a smaller galaxy with more resources, say a 2x credit income then what we have now and starting with 25 research points be possible, also maybe having the scout enigines unlocked from the start?

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Will this second galaxy impact the hosting server that may bottle neck both instances to the point neither are playable?

Honestly, I would open this second Galaxy.

Call it TestGalaxyOne.

Make Speeds for warp about 10 times faster.
Start off with all research finished.
Start off with a crazy awesome planet.
Make build times 100x faster.
Each planet you start with has 99% on all resources and 200 deep mins of each running at x10 speed.

You get the idea.

This could be a test server where people could actually test builds out, test new features, etc.


I’m open to it, but I think testing only galaxy size may not be fully worth the test. Are there other easily coded rule changes we can add?

Start us out with extra research points. Make our home worlds much more valuable, yet other systems less of. Make warp speeds faster. Pirates and player fleets drop alot more res. All this to encourage fighting. A homeworld with lets say starting with 10 or 20 research and more surface res would encourage players try and take home worlds. Fleets dropping extra res would encourage fleet battles. Lowering build times would help too. Faster warp speed would also help as currently w1 and even w2 are just not fast enough. W1 being 2ly/h, w2 being 3ly/h, w3 being 5ly/h would further encourage people to fight. I am all for this new galaxy if you consider these things.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a second server. As it is i feel like server 1 is dead to me. Sure i log in periodically to do a few bookkeeping things, but there’s like NOONE near me so theres just really nothing for me to do but sim. So i’m down with another server more likely to have folks to be friendly with, and others to get frisky with…

I would hope it’s not TOOO small however. Should still have a little breathing room so we can still feel like we are testing all the features while just being far more likely to be near folks to be able to try out trade/war portion of the game.

I havn’t been in a single battle so i know i’ll get smoked and thats all fine and dandy, but BRING IT ON. Time to find a few good friends and blow some stuffs up :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the limitations are going to be but would it be possible for EVERYONE to start off with a STELLAR starting planet/system so everyones on the same footing and the war can commence from there? Heck i’d even be willing to leave folk home systems alone for the sake of ensuring the war machines are kept intact so we can continue to fuel the testing.


See now i’m excited again, when do i get to see my first long term glimpse at corruption? Didn’t play PR long enough for it to have an effect. I wonder how long it’ll be ??? :slight_smile:

I understand having relatively small surface pockets is meant to force us out in search of new sources of raw materials, but i would hope our starting system has otherwise good planets.

By good planets i’m talking large planets that will sustain large populations for our given species and have a good spread of high density resources, even if small surface availability. Early on it would still require us to to out and find more readily accessible raw materials, but later on as we tech up we will be allowed to have a strong base of operations. A strong core that can deep mine and keep things running to a fair degree and keep the war machine running.

Obviously we’re still going to needing to expand out as even if we had a full 9 lush planets in our starting system that an empire does not make. Do we know how many folks are fairly active right now? Curious how many we might expect to jump in on the smaller server.


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