Alpha Player Guide - Updated for A4!

A project I’ve been tackling over the past week is the wiki’s existing Alpha Player Guide, which was incomplete and/or out of date in places, particularly with regards to the UI changes between A3 and A4. I’m pleased to say that this work is now finished - the new and improved Alpha Player Guide is around twice the size of the old page, with new sections on fighting beginner Pirates, using the Player Colony Scanner and lots more general content and updated screenshots, which I’ve taken from the in-game Help pages wherever possible.

If you’re new to Outscape or want to get ahead before the next server launch, check this out!


Thanks, for updating it, that’s awesome :slight_smile:

The last batch of wiki pages I worked on were for the in-game help. I still need to finish 1 or 2 of them, but will then get back to some of the other pages in need of attention.

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