Alpha Galaxy: Endgame and New Leaderboards!

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So is beta delayed to january?



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I start back at work on the 7th LOL

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So when exactly is the new galaxy, anyone know?

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Hmm Joe doesn’t exactly state that… so heres hoping that the Alpha2 will be sunsetted for a month or two while anybody that wishes can play out with a bang.

However if as we all hope we see Beta by the end of this month - as per the announcment!- the two might run concurrently for a little while so we can (at last!) test the “choose what galaxy you wanna play this session in feature”

But I dunno… here’s hopin’!

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So maybe someone competent can clarify? The question of interest to many! Because you can respond so as not to annoy people. Or beta will be released as promised in November. Or if it does not work - but write at least-do not wait, the game will be delayed. In any case, it will be clear.



@joe @mel
It seems necessary to be clear about the beta start date. Is beta starting this month? Or is it January? You guys should not give confuse and disappointment to all players waiting for Beta.



Being serious for a moment, Avalanche has a point and the alliance I’m a member of has put serious effort into raising awareness and expectations, Many have “awakened” and are ready to give BD/Outscape another go…

Some update on this should come very soon to allay fears and retain as much momentum as possible…




Also: though I am not in any alliance myself, I do feel it a tad unfair to suddenly say “Go kill everyone!” In the Twilight of A2 as has been implied.

I am more than happy to test, I am not so happy to change my style of play just because…

If somebody wants to go full Genghis then OK but don’t be surprised if you are looked at slightly askance whenever Beta does start.



Leaderboards look fun, however a bit confused by them as well, the language seems to indicate that even if we compete we still don’t win a forum badge? Can you clarify there?

As everyone is mentioning, need clarification on the Beta start date, a majority of our organization is gearing up, and with the coming Thanksgiving weekend and the month of December people are ready to go go go lol.



Hello everyone,
No, it doesn’t mean that next galaxy will start in January :slight_smile:
It will launch pretty soon. We will run both galaxies at the same time. From the start idea was to have different galaxies with different settings to play.



Great to hear that !



@joe @mel Where do we see the new leaderboard?