Alpha 3 Wiki: A call to Arms!


Following a chance exchange with me and @Cheatle here I wondered if there were other folks under the impression the Wiki was in some way bugged to editors other than IDA staff.

Well its certainly possible I assure you: as of this writing apart from me and Joe/Mel etc only two others have made contributions in the last 30 days or so. (Props @neinwhal & @BigBoomer)

With the advent of the (Many!) changes in Alpha 3 it could really do with a working over, and as I am sure we’d all prefer the IDA gang to be putting in the lions share of their time on Bugfixes & Game improvements. I’m re-raising the wiki flag and calling for help!

I read a lot of very good stuff posted on the forums every week. So I know that several of you can write well and from accurate experiences so please I invite, conjure & cajole you to do likewise on our little Wiki

If there is in fact some problem in the sign up or editing as some may have thought there was: that also needs to be tested. If you encounter any issues reply here I’ll help if I can or we can all pester Mel & Joe together!!

So come on in the most recent stuff is here. @Joe,@Mel or somebody from IDA has been beavering away creating pages with their more recent data tables linked to them lets go flesh them out! The only golden rule is just Wiki stuff you know; not what you’d like or are guessing at (that’s strictly forum material!!)

Sign up link is here. May I strongly suggest you sign up with your in game user name as your Wiki handle; that will help tell the real contributors apart from the inevitable flood of spam bots! The How to contribute guide page here.

/Zath out See you on the Wikiside o7


Help getting the wiki up to scratch would be hugely appreciated so thanks for bringing the topic up :slight_smile:

If anyone has had trouble creating an account or some other issue with using the wiki please let me know here - as far as I know there are no issues right now.

We’ve been updating all of the stats in the wiki, buildings, ship parts etc. Once all of the stats are updated I’ll make sure images from the game are added for each item.

Some examples of the pages recently added/updated: (needs more work, especially once the issue with DEEP showing on planets where deep mining isn’t applicable)

Organising the wiki and linking to it from the game

The plan is to link to the wiki from within the game to make it easy for players to find more info on a particular topic.

What would be great is to get your suggestions on the category structure for organising the wiki which would then each be linked to from the wiki in-game menu.

For example:

  • Civilizations
  • Planets and Colonies
  • Research and Technology
  • Ships & Fleets
  • etc…

Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of having the WIki accessible in game some how! That ought to get folks interested much faster! Can a simple Page in page redirect be used you think? At least for now; maybe make it a separate Tab in the “Galaxy Overview/Fleets” button?

To aid this is there any way possible that as a player makes an in game account they get a Wiki account immediately made up in parallel? That would save the Botting problem as you ought to be able to set it to only allow sign ups that meet a white list (IE the know in game names of players!)

You’d prolly need ot put that into the Games T&C’s to stay legal as you are using player granted data for an addional function, but if its was sold to the player base as a small “Bonus” (Free Wiki account with every sign up!)

If it was up to me add in a check box that states you agree to behave on the Wiki during the sign up procedure or when first using the in game access page. Furthermore players need to have been playing for a set time period (I suggest min 1 month) before they are granted editing privileges on the Wiki. Maybe even make it as an achievement in game that unlocks further Wiki rights.

Stopping now as I sense I am raving again. Igor! Marthta needs his voltages!


I’m working on the data for corruption but i need more information from others to fill in the gaps.


Understood, and thanks. :slight_smile:

For now may I suggest you set up a page with what you have got and then others can either pass you data as and when OR they have the option of putting their experience direct to the Wiki.


I’d like to contribute to the Wiki. One of the things I’ve seen is a lot of bad data in the tables. How can we help with that? Right now the tables are google sheets that we can’t modify. Short of removing the link to the bad data, there is not much I can do…

Thoughts @joe / @mel ?


This would be very helpful indeed. In fact I think seeing data mismatches from the Game and the DataTables is a very discouraging bug for the Wiki in general and one I am not understanding if the Data tables are supposed to represent the game data as it is held on the IDA development computers?

@vsweeney Part of the problem is there are a few different ways you can get google type sheets to display on a Wiki the details depend on which plug in or extension IDA are using. Knowing that would be helpful here. But might also be a security issue.

It would be highly unlikely to cause a vulnerability but they can take no risk with a deeply cross-linked Wiki/Game data table allowing a back door to the games data I suppose?

But in the meanwhile there is plenty to do, for example, as I was saying to @Morri the other day, knowing HOW folks search for data helps a lot as its pretty easy to make up redirects so those terms take you to the page that best answers that question.

Guides hints & Tips are all good as well: as long as they are marked as one players personal experience/opinion and that they were from Alpha 3. I’d encourage anybody to just start writing those.

The only real issue is if we include too much “opinion” over personal experiences.


Thanks for bringing this up. Apart from individual ship hull pages, the rest were checked not that long ago. What pages are affected? I’ll take a look and see what’s going on…


@Joe LOL!

Check out all the comments I have left mate, I have flagged as many as I could!

Seriously switch to last 30 days and filter for “Talk” you’ll see about 20 of them


Looks like the majority were related to hulls. There was an issue, recent change meant some slots had new names in the config file and so weren’t being counted correctly on the wiki side. All updated now. And I checked/fixed a few other things I saw in the Talk sections.


Thanks Joe looks good! I wondered if something had skewed the table structure there casing a cascading error as things seemed to be kinda displaced somehow… Thing is Ships especially of my own fave race were the ones I noticed first. Hopefully with your swift response here more folks will highlight issues they might spot as @Archo did here, in: So what should it be offering right now?

Referencing @vsweeney’s excellent comment about data tables Can we insert our own? I have had chats with a few players (@IkkeTM for example) about adding some stuff they have researched into the relevant pages.

Can you let us in on the protocol you are using: maybe set up a few publicly accessible template(s) that fits your format we could use for said G-Docs? That way you would keep some editorial final authority over it I thought?


I keep requesting a confirmation email to be able to edit, but it doesn’t arrive.


Very grateful for the players who have signed up to the Wiki and are starting to make edits. Might just get this fixed after all :slight_smile: