Alpha 3 Survey results


There were a total of 38 participants, 5 were eliminated due to misleading/false information given.

Mankind was the most common civilization picked at 33% of all respondents, Synthis was the second most common at 27%, Ripchee was 21% and the remaining 18% were people’s realm.

72% of players are organics.

79% of all players believed their Civ unbalanced.

Median: 50
Minimum: 7
Maximum: 115
First quartile: 35
Third quartile: 69
Interquartile Range: 34

Doing some fun maths with the raw data, the average player generates roughly 2.3 RP per planet.

73% of players participated in previous iterations.

Median: 16
Minimum: 4
Maximum: 36
First quartile: 8.5
Third quartile: 25
Interquartile Range: 16.5

Players that dismantled their orbital defence had an advantage over other players, they tended to have a higher score but they also played more on average.

Data was collected on the amount of credits earned but the variance was too large and mixed to make any meaningful chart or information about it but as a general trend synthis are making less credits per planet then organics on average. Synthis averaged around 476 credits per plant, whist biologicals earn on average 684 credits per planet.

Synthis on average had many more colonies than organics civs, I’ll go into more detail about this in a different post but I believe they are heavily disadvantaged and will be stuck to fighting among themselves as it will be very difficult for them to maintain any planet previously held by a organics


Interestingly, and the average number of planets what have players? Did you ask for this item?


The average number of colonies was 17.5 but this is not a good measure of centre due to sytnthis with 36 planets and new players with as little 4 players skewing the data. 1

6 is a better measure of centre as the medium is less affected by potential outliers. The second box plot shows this information quite well.


Thank you very much! Interesting information.


Thanks, How accurate is the information presented, what data do you use to monitor the game and decide what changes to make?