Alpha 3 Skirmish Galaxy: Starts 4th April

Following the responses we had in the other thread - we’re pleased to announce a second ‘Alpha 3 Skirmish’ galaxy will launch next week. See post for details and post any questions below.


Thanks, looks like fun. This is what I have posted to the members of the Destiny coalition and requested of our current enemy COTP.

"For those of you who stopped playing because you were bored, here’s a chance to play in a slightly different environment. Smaller galaxy, more chance for confrontation.

"I just posted this on COTP’s Embassy channel. I hope those of you who participate in the 2nd galaxy do so for fun. You can fight one another if you choose or help one another, entirely up to you. Just have some fun with it.

-=DES=- Puma Today at 6:52 AM
It appears that IDA will be releasing the new galaxy next week. We will continue to respect all borders within the main galaxy that we started with for A3, but any players in our coalition who wish to participate in the 2nd galaxy, it will be for fun so I would anticipate some confrontations to occur. I would expect that any situations that occur in the 2nd galaxy do not carry over to the main one. All Destiny players will be playing independently in the 2nd galaxy, we may even fight each other who knows."


Thanks for spreading the word - it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Should be a good way to track leaderboard exploits…

I would personally prefer different corruption rules for each race in the skirmish galaxy. I’m not opposed to us all having the same breaking point (where colonizing that next planet becomes counter productive), but while this galaxy runs, we can test rules such as higher base happiness for one race with a steeper corruption cost while another gets fewer free planets and more shallow cost. I would like a way to combat corruption directly which can be added later, but i would prefer a harsher mechanic for corruption to start if thats the case (thinking balance issues, if corruption is made harder later on, but I have to make the building/complete the research to get it, my structures may get damaged in riots before I get that far).

With the galaxy so much smaller I do have concerns about inactive time and a player’s ability to respond to an attack. With a low density galaxy, defence is easy, but a high density galaxy, it favours the attacker. I do not feel that this should even slow us down from opening the galaxy, just something to keep in mind as we mive forward.

We need the point tracker VC should have added for the CW. Not posting the exploit on the forums, when I get home, I’ll contact a dev directly.

If a player doesn’t have the time to play, they shouldn’t bother with the 2nd galaxy imo. It’s specifically being prepared for us to do PvP.

I also am happy with the changes they will implement in the 2nd galaxy, gives us enough room to expand with fewer restrictions without creating a massive number of changes to the programs that would take them more time to get in the 2nd galaxy and time that would take away from projects that need to be completed for the main galaxy.

This galaxy is just to have some fun in, I don’t see it as anything more. Hopefully at sometime in the future, once they finish the tasks on the existing Roadmap, they’ll introduce the user created galaxy where some of the design and tactical testing can be done without it interrupting the existing main game galaxy.

As I said, it’s something to keep in mind, not a reason to change the setup.


Just read the full blog.

Very good, nice to see that a lot of what has been discussed here is in the Skirmish Galaxy, especially the boosted starter res and faster research.

Be interesting IF anyone gets to 100K though, The de emphasis on industrialisation and shift to the much more variable combat metric should skew the curve. but will be refreshing to try it!



Preparith to kicketh my BUTTETH!!! Time to see how juicy this lil spaceslug is on the ol solarshield.

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LOCK AND LOAD. This will be a great time for me! Cheers Lads.

Be interesting IF anyone gets to 100K though,

This is impossible without external help.
BTW the crucial matter of new galaxy is it’s size and 6-10LY spawn. Basically this is bloodbath with zero time for sleep. Most of players will give up on skirmish after 1-2 weeks.

Then I hope they are smart enough to do a feed back poll or something at the end of it to see how this sort of projection plays out.

I see this skirmish galaxy as one to have fun in and do PvP. Players who don’t like to PvP shouldn’t play on it, because that is the intent of it. If players are afraid to lose ships in that environment, it isn’t for them imo.

For me the leaderboard is just a way to keep score. On a personal level, I don’t care where I place as long as I have fun while it’s open.

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If players are getting pwned and quitting, then someone will certainly climb the leader boards and eventually win… Just saying.

I do wonder how much fun players will be able to have though, I feel like there will be constant fighting with half filled fleets, but maybe that’ll be half the fun or maybe it’ll be the opposite where players will build up more in preparation. It will be intresting to see and why when I pointed that out, I said it was not a reason not move foraard; seeing this change will be very important and helpful as more galaxies open up so that we can offer different players their prefered galaxy type.

Speaking of, as we open up more galaxies, we may wish to have a blurb of what affects the different rules and setups will have on that galaxy so as to help retain players.

Looks like I might be able to participate after all. Our war may have a possible truce. Looking forward to it if that happens. I’ll try a different race this time to see how I like it.

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yeah at this close quarters we hardly need the new feature that points us to the next victim/executioner?

Me personally i’ll be leaving main systems alone if at all possible, unless someones’ just being a complete tw…twinkie. Kinda hard to test combat mechanics if no one ever has ships :slight_smile:

whiich i imagine may well be what it looks like most the time considering how long it take to build ships ccompared to time to collect resources to make said ship.

it’ll be a huge resource drain with no tangible return. But that can be addressed later i suppose

@mel @joe Could we please have a separate general discussion channel on Discord for the skirmish galaxy. Most of us will be playing in both the main and skirmish galaxy and we’ll always be asking “which galaxy are you referring to” if we don’t. We only need one channel for bugs and such.


Cross galaxy notifications would be great too…

reiterating i really don’t want the find targets feature with a galaxy this small. I don’t mind hunting around for folks. In this small a galaxy we should be able to find eachother just fine by using our EYEBALLS!!!

If i want someone to find my planets faster i’ll put up some neon signs…