Alpha 3 Skirmish Galaxy - Join Now!

Hi everyone,

For those of you that may have missed yesterday’s announcement: the Alpha 3 Skirmish galaxy is now live and open to Alpha players.

Alpha players just need to open Outscape in Steam and join the ‘ALPHA 3 SKIRMISH 1’ galaxy.

If you tried to join last night it’s likely you wouldn’t have been able to - the servers were down most of the night. But they’ve been running again without issue most of the day, waiting for you to join :slight_smile:

Check out the Skirmish galaxy announcement post for more details.

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Hey joe in cased you missed it:

Can we get a Skirmish Galaxy Sub-forum/Category (or even a simple topic) please? Keep comments Bugs event etc straight as to where they were first observed please?


I second this motion, and third, and fourthies, and fifthies…

Note: there is more then sufficient motivation to get out there and spread to the stars. so it is irksome to have exhausted the farsu deposit on my home planet in UNDER 12 hours of having built my initial farsu mine of which i only built a grand total of 9. Doesn’t help that not only were there ZERO habitable colonizable planets in my home system, i also had ZERO asteroid belts to mine. I GET it, but i was already getting my ass in gear i didn’t need the gynormous monstrous economy sized boot shoving my ass out the airlock…please fix diz algoritm…seriously painful, particularly when hearing about other folks love stories with their starting systems.

It’s one thing knowing you have to jockey with the many other people swarming around you, LITERALLY, if you want to expand but when your practically choking from the get go it’s going to be rather frustrating, PARTICULARLY for unexperienced players.

I rolled with it and just went total war mode with…thats right…scouts. claimed adjacent systems. Not great planets, but better then nothing. Bumpy road resource wise, BUT found some interesting natives which is making things rather cool in some ways to say the least. Just resource sucktastic, but i’m working on that as best i can :slight_smile:

@Zathabar I think just one for bugs would be best. I believe it will be silly to create a whole new system of forums for every galaxy they start, different chat rooms on discord

Edit: My phone is acting up and Idk what happened to the 2nd half of my post.

Different chat rooms on discord I think would be fine. If the devs ever move away from discord, I’m not sure it would be worth it then either. It may just be me, but I don’t see the value.

I could accept that. But having it all mixed into the game when Skirmish CLEARLY Has differences to A3 seems like a no brainer to me

I’ve created a Skirmish sub category under general: