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We all know alliance features are coming, but what we don’t know is what they will be. Given that the developers are actively working on this, @joe can we get a Developer’s Diary on the anticipated content for the first cut on these features and some sort of anticipated release date.

Some thoughts I had after seeing some comments from @SlayMoreDragons on Discord, I thought I’d post them here. These go beyond the “basics” of what I’d expect in the Alliance features. Maybe others have more to add as well. So might as well revive the discussion.

Some features I’d like to see at some point (if not already included what the developers are working on).

  1. Alliance specific Tech Tree - This would cover functions specific to the alliance. Some of the functions could include wormhole tech, shared view (suggested by @DeicidE ), I’m sure there are others that the community can suggest. These tech’s would be available to all members of the alliance while they are in the alliance, but be forfeited if they were to leave. (for non alliance players, I could suggest that some very high level tech be added at the player level, especially for wormholes, where they could utilize this tech with another player they have a “treaty” with. This would allow for players who don’t want to be part of any alliance to still be able to utilize this type of tech with others who have the same tech and a treaty in place).

  2. Notifications of alliance activity - all members of an alliance would receive a notification at the alliance level of any sort of attack on another alliance member. This would include fleet attacks as well as planetary invasions. The notification should take the player’s view to where the specific attack is taking place so they can determine if they can provide assistance quickly.

I’m sure there’s more. I will add if I think of some, I’m sure some in the community have ideas as well.

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Consider the origin(s) and nature of each tech individually. Every tech must be bound to someone fully understanding it or something fully containing its application.

If there’s a tech openly renewable for creation simply via membership, it must be somewhat of an opensource download that can be shared or stolen. This isn’t bound to anyone or anything as it’s an intellectual property. A court in-game or of our communities might say it belongs to so-and-so group or whatever, but I don’t think the game should enforce such without the obvious loopholes and exceptions of theft and trading. The tech originates from a player or even a group of players, but it binds itself to anyone with opportunity to copy it down.

If there’s an benefit from someone’s specislization either it must bind itself to services provided ongoing from that player (likely pulling from workforce, resources and credit revenue) or it must bind itself to physical objects that can be player-controlled and probably stolen. The tech originates from a player empire and binds itself to that player’s workforce or to transferrable items.

More complex schematics/blueprints stolen should be of concern because weaknesses may be studied to counter the technology or a rival might start building it too, riding off your development, but keep in mind that simply owning a copy of the tech blueprint shouldn’t neseccarily open access to building it. Not only are there raw resource requirements, but the design may abbreviate, using other lesser blueprinted components not fully detailed in the grand design.

For instance, instructions to build a playground for my kids won’t help teach me how to forge together replica pieces to duplicate the playground; I’d either need to buy, trade, or steal the components unless I had readily available the full array of technology to fabricate its entirety.

If an alliance pieces together some crazed design that fused their specialties together, it’s likely a rival alliance would need those same specialties on hand to build from a copied blueprint of the design.

I refer the readers back to this post I made with the same general motivation as Morri.

I was trying to read just the alliance section of this post and was having a difficult time figuring out exactly what the functions of each tier would perform. Could you post just a summary of what those functions are?


My thought was to start the process with a new building type an “Embassy”. At T1 it allows limited non combat exchanges with other players in the form of “tourists” (or science exchange students / explorers call them what you will) Basically this allows both parties to gain a few extra credits/happy in the economies of the worlds that was swapping small amounts of population like this.

I didn’t expand on it but thought later that a possible downside or risk was that should a planet with Tourists be invaded by the player who sent them they would add to their attack troops on the ground… Basically setting the scene for a possible trojan horse ploy. But that prolly too advanced for now.

T2 Embassies allow that player to join an alliance. Essentially a player currently IN that alliance sends over a staff in place of “Tourists” and they man the Alliance portion of the embassy.

T3 Embassies expand the abilities of the first two levels of course plus are required to form an alliance.

Benifits as I saw if from an alliance could include:

Chat channel is obvious and need no explaining. Trade hasn’t been defined but is definitely on the table so for now I suggest inter alliance trade means lowered Taxes and or faster transfers. A T2 Embassy would imply a mapped out star lane between alliance stations perhaps allowing for a +1 free warp speed for alliance ships thus facilitating trade or reinforcements etc

And very obviously, alliance mates ships wont auto attack each other. Ideally that bit of insanity would be a player selectable choice by the time anything like this comes in but for now Inter alliance truce between ships is a no brainer.

Does that help? I know I get particularly windy especially when theory crafting like this :smiley:

I like this idea.

I’d say the first tech in the tree would determine alliance size. Wormholes and shared radar would be definite adds. I also think alliances should have the ability to build super structures (outposts, star base, dyson sphere, pick your poison). You could add in all sorts of modifications then. Hangers, production, mining, etc.

As Z suggests, there’s a huge amount of alliance features that we just don’t have a basis for right now. I’d like to see player-owned warp lanes, and then the creation of alliance warp lanes. As the lanes level up they increase warp speed.

There was mention of trade. I’m a sucker for in-game trade, so an alliance boon there would be nice.

I’d also add in that alliances should have a tech that allows them to run… science missions, or some other alliance-based PvE raid-type thing. The bigger the alliance the more challenging the raid.

The big question would be how do alliances generate RPs. I’d propose that comes from some sort of mission system. Using labs opens things up to exploits like creating a lab farm alt that joins and does nothing by alliance research.

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I do like a lot of these concepts but the reason -I think- for the fleet limits was that the game wasnt able to handle all the objects the game would need to load. A global shared vision may throw us right back to where we would need to reduce objects again -or maybe this is part of their plan? Instead, it maybe perferable to have an old-in function for certain objects shared vision with the alliance or global shared vision with an “inteligence officer”.

I would love to see more specialized roles. That’s one thing we sorely lack right now is enough differentiation between playstyles.

There are a lot of cool things you can do with alliances. Encourage new players to join. Offer intelligence platforms (to discourage outside intelligence gathering and real hacking). You can do alliance-based combat fleets. Alliance-based fleet commands, armies, economic and research. Lots of cool avenues to explore with alliance mechanics.

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