Agressive hover over on planet selection

I’m getting an agressive hover over popup for any selection when transferring resources… dont think this is what is intended. Potentially a 5 second delay would be perfect.

Are you seeing them quicker than within 2 seconds? Or that you think 2 seconds is too quick?

It was practically instantaneous for me, be useful if others can confirm.

Its not a screen I would necessarily want a popup that said if it was 2 seconds it might be ok… but I would personally prefer a few more seconds… in effect I wasnt to be able to click the planet and get off its area before the popup appears with relative ease… The information is likely useful but an intentional hover should be performed to trigger it…

Seeing about half a second for all the pop ups in that window and seems to work ok from my perspective. I have to very slowly move the cursor to trigger an unwanted pop up. Wouldn’t go more then 2 seconds imo if a change was made.

I’ll retest it and make a video… The annoying part was more that if you click the planet and then look to see what resources it has the popup would come up and cover it… if I trained my mind to just click and move off it then I might not care as much.

Guess I was reading the resource amounts from the pop up so I didn’t take that as an issue with the other display getting covered.

Tested on mine as I was logging for other reasons. Seemed a touch faster than 2 seconds but I did not find it too intrusive.

Does it borrow any settings from windows at all? For example my wife has her fade & transition settings (& mouse reaction) cranked up way higher than I find comfortable it occurred to me if its using any system preferences there individuals may be getting variable results??

Still kick it up to 3-5 seconds maybe?

The timing for popups varies between 1.5 and 2 seconds depending on the screen (Windows settings aren’t considered). I think for this screen the click should cancel a popup for the current hover action so you don’t get the popup if you click and we could increase the delay to 2 seconds (I think longer than 2 seconds would cause a different frustration from the wait). Thanks for sending the video @DeicidE.

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