Add transfer option for Nap'd players

We currently utilize a “pod” to transfer resources in general. Rather than requiring a pod for nap’d players, can we add a transfer option for all items we’d transfer between ourselves and include an option to transfer resources/population, etc to players we have a Nap with as well? A friend and I tested it and the transfer option comes up, but of course it’s one sided.

It would save time if we had this option from needing to create pods. I’d only do nap’s players to prevent thieves from going and stealing from a lone freighter sitting around by a player you are’t nap’d with.


I really hope we see something like this or some improvement to trade soon, I assume we will get more options as alliance and other features start to roll in though.
A Dream feature for me would be to eventually be able to build space facilitys, and be able to build a space station at the center of a system, where I could maybe sell resources, or put in requests to buy, that anyone passing through could exchange with, that or deployable semi permanent space stations that NaP people can trade with, perhaps with limited weapons to defend itself, but doubt we will get that kind of thing, at least not anytime soon.


From your lips to godz ears old chap!

Right now I’d settle for a “Permanent till I demolish it” Drop pod I could put in orbit of my systems so allies could come collect & drop off even when I wasn’t about and I would have to worry it would evaporate after a coupla days…


This. This this this. Make it cost more to compensate for its permanency, heck make it a sort of trade depot space building kinda thing you have to invest in maybe. But make a permanent option.