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You must add and modify ships of all civilizations, add a list of PR civilization ships, add and modify engine information, and add and modify weapon information. The player guide does not include information on upgrading the structure. Planetary attacks are missing information about orbital bombing.


the research tech needs to be on there and with full description on what to expect. it caught me out loads not knowing. better to have a happy gamer sure of the path they want to take then many that want to start over. A detailed research list will help in this and having it set against a table of prerequisites.

thank you



The wiki needs to be updated with:

  • Each Race’s ships, slots, costs, etc
    - Also need the radius of their flagship deployment zone, so we know how much room they will have for ships in their fleets.
  • Each Race’s weapons
    - For weapons we need to know how fast they fire, their dps, their actual damage per hit, if they hit armor or shields or both, if there is a miss chance, their maximum distance they can hit, there minimum distance they can hit, if they do splash damage, how much splash damage they do, their AoE size
  • The entire technology tree, with what each technology does, with better descriptions, and not only better descriptions, but accurate ones that detail exactly what you are getting.
  • Information on what each building does, EXACT information, like what are the growth rates of each of the small, advanced, and regular farms.
  • What are the growth rates in game, max populations, how does temperature, planet size, and land mass effect it.
  • Explain better how mines work, what are the chances of getting hit as you fly through, the damage increase if you are higher warps, and how to remove mines.
  • Explain better about stealth how it works, how to turn it on, how much fuel it costs, how you can use it with other fleets.
  • Explain repair rates and how they work with Shipyards and Repair modules.