Ability to upgrade a ship class higher than the supporting shipyard level

Ability to upgrade a ship class higher than the supporting shipyard level

in this case a Dreadnought upgrading at a level 2 shipyard…

I dont think that should really be possible… if they cant build it then how do they have the ability to house it and the machinery to upgrade it… I class it as a BUG.!!!

Well syntis don’t even need a shipyard to repair ships. And a tier one shipyard repairs all tiers of ships. So to me i don’t see why an upgrade shouldn’t be possible.

well thats a good point repairs should also get cancelled on ships that have no on board repair module… I’m still wondering if they will move the repair module to a corvette or make it so the flag needs the repair module to repair the whole fleet… @joe feel free wade in here on this…

I don’t have a strong opinion for or against upgrading at a Sy lower than the tier. I’d consider the following point though, the upgrade is being performed on a hull previously built in the correct SY level. The only thing being changed is a specific module on that existing hull. The race already has the necessary technology available to them for that module and knowledge of building the hull even if it is elsewhere in their empire. Possibly what should be considered is to increase the upgrade time depending on the tier of the SY where the upgrade is taking place.

I wouldn’t consider this as a bug.

Well if its allowed then it allows for full Fleet refit in enemy territory just by talking a planet and building a lv 1 shipyard. Seems too easy.

A refit on a full fleet of a dred and battleships can take well over a day if you can’t break down the fleet safely. One would hope proper scouting and knowledge of the enemies fleet makeup was done before hand. Because going into a fight and needing a tactics/weapons change could be costly. Not sure how often a refit would really be needed.

That’s true but not implausible. It would make sense for a lower tier SY to cause the upgrade to take longer. They’d need the resources to perform the upgrade as well, and depending upon the upgrade could be a significant limiting factor.

That could be a compromise

Very good point. We have some limits on captured Technology in general already. I for one cant see why say a Human Shipyard of any Teir could do more than basic repairs on a ship of another race?

Full on upgrades are wildly implausible as the ship repair systems & tools on hand would be wildly different to those the Ship was designed for.

I could live with field repairs as Morri says. But upgrades at least should be race specific tech IMOHO

So captured SY nothing but Base repairs. But Build a T1 then some upgrades can be possible (though slower if for advanced ships)

I don’t think this discussion was concerning upgrades being performed by a SY of another race.

If you build your own T1 SY, it is certainly plausible that you’d have the technology to upgrade modules on your own ship at your own SY, though at a slower pace due to the limited number of workers available. Remember, you already have the technology for all the modules you might use in upgrade. Remember only the hull itself is limited to being built in the SY, not the modules and in an upgrade you are not changing the hull, only the modules in it’s design.

As for other race’s SY, if you aren’t able to perform an upgrade to an existing ship at another race’s SY, why would you be able to build an entirely new ship there even at the limit of the captured race’s SY level? I don’t think you can have it both ways. Though building ships at another race’s SY is now allowed, I actually think this should be changed and when you capture another civ’s SY, you should be required to do a conversion upgrade (not dismantle and start from scratch) to the SY itself so it becomes compatible with your technology. This might also be more realistic if applied to other technology based structures as well, such as research labs.

I’m not sure what you mean on the first point about cancelling repairs. There are two ways to repair a fleet:

  1. All civs: move a damaged fleet in orbit of a planet with a shipyard and click start repairing (no repair module needed, repair rate is constant)
  2. Syntis only: if any ship in the fleet has a repair module, that fleet can start repairing from anywhere (the speed depends on how many modules are installed across the fleet, but a ship will still be repaired if it doesn’t have a module)

I think it was an oversight/bug originally, but agree it makes sense to keep it as it is and increase the time upgrades take when the shipyard is of a level lower than the ship.

I also think that a shipyard captured from another civ probably shouldn’t be as usable as a shipyard of your own civ, but I’m not sure why it was changed. I’ll create a task for both points to be looked at.

? Oh my bad. I did it so much in skirmish I thought that its gotta be an oversight.

Could have an on off option on SY for repairs preventing unauthorized use. Maybe move the repair option off (other then syntis) ships completely.

Syntis repair module as an aoe repair that heals in range allies would be a interesting mechanic too. Especially for orbital bombardments of worlds with heavy defense. haha