Ability to drop a planet

I think there should be a option to be able to drop a planet.

When activated the planet transfers to a native world, but the buildings are not lost and are available to the next person that colonises it.

I think its likely that you might want to leave a system due to a treaty or remove clutter, gets hard to manage so many planets.

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If you had the ability to choose your spawning area would this still be required? Why should it be “easy” to leave? If you have a treaty, offer it to a friend to conquer? Clutter, how would there be clutter? Last also find someone who wants an extra.

Well just lifting off your population drop the planet, if the buildings remain then the solution is there and more reasonable.

I feel it would be open to abuse if the buildings are just “allowed” to stay, but that’s my opinion. You can always move your population elsewhere. Planet and all? I don’t know would have to think about it. I’d personally prefer unless it’s a “spawning” issue, that the planet should stay in place and the player would need to find a way to relocate.

Think about it, can we just pick up Earth and send it anywhere we want? Building, population and all?

Yes the option to withdraw is essential.

Whether by evacuation, abandonment or genocide.

Not all colonies can survive among hostiles if the parent colony is far from home.

I believe there should be multiple options:

Should be able to secede a planet to someone, and when you do, it creates a warp 2 only unique transport with all the current available population that is your race on it. The planet is then given to whomever you wanted it to go to, reverting to that person possession.

Second, you should be able to abandon a planet, which you don’t get anything, you just drop the planet and it keeps going on as if it is claimed. It deep mines, builds ships, etc. It becomes its on neutral entity, and if you want it, you have to kill all ships in orbit, and claim the planet.

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Has the ability to abandon a colony been implemented since?

Send a ship or fleet that contains personnel modules on it. Remove all of your population from the planet, and it is abandoned at that point and no longer yours. No structures remain, only the resources you had when you left remain. You can bring along cargo ships if you want to take that with you as well.

Awesome! Thanks Puma.

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To me the current way of abandoning a planet is more life like where you physically have to send personnel carrier’s and cargo ship’s and if you have troops there also troop carrier’s to exodus a planet. Plus if abandoning the planet you may want to think about dismantling the building’s. Especially if there is a refund for it.

That is basically what you have to do if you want to remove the population, military and resources. Also if you have structures you can dismantle them in advance to recover half of the resources originally invested in the planet. It depends on how much you need the resources vs how fast you want to “get out of dodge”. I’d certainly recommend moving the military to assault troop carriers, since they are already trained, but it is up to the individual player to decide how much of what they wish to take with them.