Ability to cancel in build queue


So if I have a number of the same ship, for instance, I might want to cancel later numbers without cancelling the one in progress. At the moment, I change my mind and I eat the time. Gets costly with bigger builds.


Yeah this has been a problem since A2 and probably before that. It has been posted about many times. We really need a LIFO system on ALL the builds - ship and buildings


they also need an option to cancel multiple builds at a time… a friend once accidentally clicked to dismantle 30+ buildings (i think it was in the 50s). thats a lot of clicking…


The cost of mistake. Later he will be more carefull.
BTW It’s better for u don’t forget when u cancelling building or ship with progress u lossing not only time but resourses too. So canceling at planet with giants second pop is a very funny thing.