Ability to Auto-renew ability on double-click

Yet another small request. I could post all of these in one topic, but they seem to get lost that way. :slight_smile:

It’d be nice if we could double-click on abilities (detect cloak, detect mines, etc.) to make them auto renew. ie, if I want to continue detecting cloaked ships as long as I have fuel. I understand that I must pay 400 olzine per 8 hours (or something like that), but being able to station ships at our borders and have them continue performing a duty until they run out of fuel would be nice rather than constantly micro-ing to make sure they are doing their duty.

All of this could also be remedied if we had space stations. Just kidding. :grin:

Regarding a double-click, I suggest that rather than a right-click as that’s already tied to deselecting or canceling.


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