Abandoning Planets

@odis As I said it’s the same sort of exploit as gifting planets can be. Just leaving fully developed planets laying around to be taken just goes contrary to the intent of the game, explore, acquire planets and develop them. You’re just handing over a fully developed planet without the same work as the rest of us put into the game. I dislike gifting, so one reason I dislike this is for the same reason.

@Yamota yes it is a scorched earth ability, which was one thing we took from the game (or made it harder) by implementing the 7 day reset rule. You can still do it, it just is harder to do and requires planning to abandon, just not as easy as pushing a button.

@Rae that’s worse for the person wanting to abandon, it takes time for it to finish.

Abandoning a planet is not hard, just requires you to remove farms which take 1 min to do, per farm, 5 min if you did some to T2 and if you didn’t upgrade them to T3 If you did upgrade the farms to T3 why on earth are you abandoning it lol. Dismantling the farms stops the population growth to a known number, bring your ship over with personnel modules on it, pull the population and go use them elsewhere or destroy the ship if you don’t want them. It’s not hard folks.

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I would agree that maybe there needs to be a countdown timer for abandoning a planet of 24, 48, or 72 hours so it can’t be used to dodge someone capturing your planet. As far as the gifting planet issue you can just drop your defenses and give away the planet now so abandoning it doesn’t really make a difference because both would require a colonizer to take over.


Gifting aside, with a 72 hour timer I could accept allowing abandoning, but not keeping the population or structures on the planet. If your intent is to abandon, you obviously don’t care about the population or structures, so just let it all get destroyed as if you’d taken the population off.

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And then you have scorched earth policy :slight_smile:

Not really effective in a game where colonies are so valuable but still good to have the option.

Here’s the exploit I can foresee if you don’t remove the population/structures. You Valhalla are the owner of 40 planets, but you have a friend who’s going to join next week or next month. You find one planet to spawn him in with and hold that for now. You go around and pre colonize and build up a dozen other planets or 20 other planets in the area and abandon each one since you can’t hold anymore yourself waiting for your friend to join and take them by gifting them. You eliminate the new player’s need for doing anything himself, he’s just come into a pre built empire.


That has always been an issue, especially with multiaccs…

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Many of the issues regarding abuse of abandoned colonies can be solved if cultural elements get mechanics in the game. It can be a painful process to work a pre-existing populace into your empire. What this won’t solve is any stress the server will feel when it’s processing even for planets no one owns.

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I can’t imagine a 3 day delay on the planet getting the axe will compare to the left overs of players who have quit.

Players who quit but didn’t reset require invasion at least.

I mean, yes, but its not like you’ll have a lot of time to get there. The window is small and really isnt anymore exploitive than gifting worlds.

Actually it is, I already gave my description of how it can be exploited. I’m done with the topic now. If you want to respond to that post, I’ll consider responding further. Sadly, as much as I normally respect your opinion, lately all I’m seeing is you being repetitively argumentative with a several people’s post, for what seems to just get the last word in, because you say nothing different in the posts than you’ve already said. We’ll have to agree to disagree - it is exploitable, I’ve already described how it is and you didn’t actually respond to that specific post with a reasonable argument for disagreement to it.


To clarify my position on Abandoning planets:

I’m fine with an Abandon planet button if either:
a. The population becomes static and the owner can easily remove the population or
b. The population completely is removed - poof gone, along with structures as if the population had been removed AND it has a 72 hr countdown to become a barren world (resources not removed can remain)

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If you feel that this is different enough from leaving the remaining population that it is entirely unacceptable, then yes we will have to agree to disagree.

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I guess I could have a 3rd option that I’d somewhat accept and that once you abandon the world, with population remaining that all structures are destroyed upon abandonment. That is similar enough to a person who reset to be acceptable. But it would still need the 72 hour countdown.

Can there be a similar timer before a planet gets bombed to oblivion? Wait… there is!

If you must insist on a timer for abandoning a colony 30 mins should be more than enough. If that is enough time to kill everyone on a planet then putting them on transports should not take any longer.

Not to mention, putting people on transport takes as much time as clicking a button. :thinking:

Actually putting people on a transport takes the time to build the transport and get it to it’s destination then a click of the button. Possibly 72 hours is too much, but the reasoning is to stop people from turtling, which you seem to prefer lol. How about the 9 1/2 hours at a minimum which is what’s required for an invasion… I’m of the opinion bombings take too little time personally.

I’m not opposed to immediate abandon button with a transport present to accept the population.


So, there is really no need for an artificially created delay when it takes time to build and move ships. Would you agree?

And “gifting” planets is more of an exploit than abandoning your own planet could ever be.

The only case where a timer or some other mechanics might be needed is after someone conquers your planet. It could have an “occupied” flag that lasts for a duration based on how long the former owner had the planet.

I don’t understand your attitude. And, I really don’t see what is the problem with turtling. Also, how removing the population from one of your own planets is turtling?

There would be nothing left to stop a colony ship from simply colonizing the planet. But evil turtling!

No. (Maybe, if bombing time was increased to a minimum of 9 1/2 hours.)

And I am on the opinion that bombing colonies out of existence should not be a thing. (Or, it should take as long as it took to build them up.)

That is exactly what I suggested.

Yes, 100% Yes!

Not sure why we thought we disagreed then lol. I have no issue as long as the population is removed along with the structures. Or as I stated, it being the same as a reset. Population remains but all structures disappear.

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btw, abondoning evo planets is even harder. because they don’t have any farms, so maximum pop have to be brought before abandoning (to make growth rate zero). Besides, in my case is worse because I was using many evo planets as population souces. The population in each of them kept low.

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