Abandoned dual pop planets

What happens when I drop a colony ship onto an abandoned planet with two equal pops ? I’m playing mankind, and am looking at a bunch of abandoned dual pop Mankind / Minor race worlds. Does dropping a colony ship onto one of these worlds retain both pops ?


When the planet has one civ that’s the same as you
Like your example above, those mk pops will become yours when you take the planet

(you can even pull out the mankind pop using pop ships without colonizing first) (since you’re mankind *)

If you colonize an abandoned dual pop planet and neither of the two pops are the same as you
The lowest pop gets thrown into the void

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Thanks much, I really just wanted to grab pop and resources. Off I go.

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Just send a colony ship with one mankind and gain it all. lol

Not sure how the game would handle it if you were one of the other civs. Might keep the primary race? Devs were going to add us the ability to chose what we replace when colonizing dual pop worlds but it’s not implemented yet.

If an abandoned planet has the same civ as you
You can pick them off using pop fleets without needing to colonize first