A Way Of Encouraging Player Activity

Ive personally not found any reason to play anymore, theres just nothing left to do except wait for research, and i dont even have max fleets. There are many reasons for this, but the one im focusing on here is deep mines. Deep mines give your planet unlimited res output. Which is good, because if there werent then eventually every system would be dry of res. But my problem is that deep mines are way too effective. Right now i have literally two planets that produce all the res for ship building i will ever need. And i am not even in the top 300 i think. Imagine what the top 10 or even top 50 can produce every day. This shouldnt be the case. Heres some ideas to encourage players to play more, by changing deep mines.

*Simply limit the amount of deep mines we can have on each planet. Currently i am producing 1188 farsu per hour on one planet, and over 500 zyril on another. I can build a top tier ship every day. And again i am not even close to the top teir players. By limiting each planet to maybe 200 per hour deep mining then that would encourage players to find more planets to setup deep mines. I have 10 planets at the moment, and again only two of those are producing ship building res. The other 8 are either abandonded and i dont care enough to finally remove pop from them, or shipyard planets.

*Minigames. This would be a search kind of game, where you move your cursor around a 3d model of the planets core, and the closer you get to a hot spot it will tell you. The idea here is to every few days make the deep mining speed slow down, and eventually stop, and make the players play this little game to find another spot for your mines to mine. Because if they dont get on every few days at least you will stop producing res. Just a little way of encouraging gameplay.

I originally thought in the discord that deep mines should be removed entirely. After some discussion with war monger i thought that shouldnt happen. My original thought was to make astroid fields respawn, and make inactive systems (systems that are not owned, have no fleet activity nearby) get reset after a few days, so players could mine the planets, abandon them and then come back after maybe a week and have a new set of minable res. But that would probably be too hard.

Thats all i got. This idea is to encourage people to play more. Let me know what you think.


I agree on deep mine limits, I think they should in some way be tied to the materials density in the planet. Maybe cap out at 1000/hour for a 100% density IDK. Something like that would give high density planets even more value to mid to long game - giving a casus belli for anyone at that stage to war over these golden planets.

The game has zero to reward exploring the incredible vastness of space. I hope that at some point the DEVS can find time to rectify that glaring omission but I appreciate they have only one pair of hands. Franky I’d want to see the manifold bugs and flat out dumb design choices (you all know my feelings on what they are not rehashing here!)

But mini games like you describe would be fine, give those that wish to a small reward for added activity. Just ensure none of them could easily be automated by mouse guidance scrips that would make for a distortion of the game.

Had we already got in Game alliance material and specialised chat we would not be at this point. In game there is little support for a community. All we have is the few of us that regularly post on forum or Discord keeping the pot bubbling. The DEVS have their hands full but we haven’t had the tools to keep the interest pot boiling by ourselves.

They set up a G-Doc for prospective “Achievements” a few months back hopefully some of those can be introduced and the attendant “Missions” to acquire them can breath some interest back in.

But right now? BB? You got it in one , we have not enough game to play in an ongoing fashion any more - we did when I started a year ago but its been simplified out of the game. So here we are: Nothing to see or do here until they restart at least a small Galaxy with something for us to try yet again…


A while back a dev had mentioned that they wanted to add minigames but were having trouble working it into their schedule. I have given a few ideas but I feel that all minigames should be opt-in games. If someone just really hates 1 particular minigame, forcing them to play is just forcing them to quit.


They are already tied to planet’s resource density. Low density, low output, high density, higher output.

I think you missed my point. We were talking about a possible CAP. I suggest if a cap is brought in it could also be tied to Density

I personally don’t see a problem with deep mines the way they are. They already cost 10% as a hit on happiness, requiring additional or upgraded EC’s to have them (5% original, 5% for deep mines). Possibly an increase in the beron cost for the upgrade, 2k does seem a little cheap there, but otherwise their output isn’t that great unless the density is extremely high and the number of mines in very high quantity.

I also don’t see that an adjustment to resources will increase player activity.

They should have a global timescale that they can adjust to slow the pacing of the game down enough to allow them to keep people engaged for long enough to study their behavior patterns.

I am firmly against limits to building and construction of ships. There are FAR better ways to deal with that… exponential maintenance costs come to mind.