A Question and a Suggestion

Hello again, everyone.

Question about the happiness bonus. Do Syntis get this for organic pops they take over? ie, I have Syntis and Harpy. Harpy are 100% happy, do they give me a bonus? And if so, can we get some kind of graphical display along the lines of “Your people love you, and since they love you so much, they are giving you extra tax money!” Or give us a smiley. :smiley:

Currently, I’m stuck trying to calculate if I have the bonus or not, but some would say that it’s impossible for Syntis to get this bonus with organic pops. I’d like to see this question answered and prevented by making an in-game notification.


If you have an organic race with a Syntis, you can tax them up to 100%, just be careful to keep the organic happy.

And if you keep the organic at 100% happiness, you should be receiving the correct bonus.

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So, I tested things on the recommendation of Aletheides by turning on show_debug_info. It shows that I don’t have the happiness bonus for Syntis although my organic pop of Skregons is 100% happy. Is this a bug?

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug but will find out (although Syntis aren’t affected by happiness I think the other civ should be).

It’s definitely confusing though. Because the population page for Syntis shows them as having a 30% happiness bonus, and happiness shows as 99% for them, but they’re not affected by happiness.

I recently conquored a syntis world and while the info screen for the population showed they did not have happiness, I saw someplace else (galaxy info screen I think) they were at 95ish % and also did not have max home guard.

I can weigh in on this:

  • Syntis populations are never affected by Happiness, as others have said, but organic populations sharing a planet with them are. If they reach 100% Happiness, they should definitely give you the bonus. You can check this by mousing over the Income tab on the Planet Management screen, which lists tax rates and happiness bonuses (where applicable) for all populations on a planet in a tool-tip. (I have some screen-caps of this window, but haven’t been able to update the Happiness wiki page yet.)
  • An in-game notification is sent when 100% Happiness is achieved and the bonus is applied, but not to Galactic News. Instead, it goes to the news for that individual planet, accessible from the calendar icon in the bottom-left of the Planet Management screen. (Though if you hit 100% Happiness quite a while back, going through the notifications to find this one will probably be more trouble than it’s worth!)

Tl;DR: Not a bug, but a feature - just not explicitly explained.

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I still believe I’m not getting the bonus due to a bug. Am I missing where to find that news? I taxed the pop to 99% for a few seconds, then 0%, and finally 2% so there was a tax. No notification. I also scrolled through.

Here are two mouseovers:

As you can see, the bonus flag is still set to NO.

If this is truly a feature, I’d expect for the flag values to be set accordingly. :thinking:

The Event Log should be the correct place for Happiness notifications to be sent to, and the Happiness boost should be displayed in the Credits tool-tip as a “Modificator”, as shown here. These clearly aren’t happening, and with the Bonus Flag still set as No, it does in fact seem to be a bug.

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