A Question and a Suggestion

Hello again, everyone.

Question about the happiness bonus. Do Syntis get this for organic pops they take over? ie, I have Syntis and Harpy. Harpy are 100% happy, do they give me a bonus? And if so, can we get some kind of graphical display along the lines of “Your people love you, and since they love you so much, they are giving you extra tax money!” Or give us a smiley. :smiley:

Currently, I’m stuck trying to calculate if I have the bonus or not, but some would say that it’s impossible for Syntis to get this bonus with organic pops. I’d like to see this question answered and prevented by making an in-game notification.


If you have an organic race with a Syntis, you can tax them up to 100%, just be careful to keep the organic happy.

And if you keep the organic at 100% happiness, you should be receiving the correct bonus.

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So, I tested things on the recommendation of Aletheides by turning on show_debug_info. It shows that I don’t have the happiness bonus for Syntis although my organic pop of Skregons is 100% happy. Is this a bug?

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