A new look for the Wiki


A new theme has been put on the Wiki. It should feel very similar to the theme used for the forum.

Here’s an example page: https://wiki.outscape.net/City_Centers

Please let me know if there is anything that looks broken or a little out of place and I’ll get it looked at.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Have been through the new look over the past few days, and spotted a few things:

  • When in the Edit window, the Show Changes button doesn’t have a white background, which makes the text very hard to read.
  • Similarly, the edit summary text is invisible when typed into that box, which is troublesome for obvious reasons.
  • Looking at Infoboxes (both hand-built and generated from Google Docs), all the text is white, even hyperlinks. There is currently nothing to indicate which fields are links; can we get the new link colours extended to work with these boxes?
  • At the moment, the Infoboxes built in-house (for Factions and Technology pages) aren’t fully consistent (fields in different orders, different fields, etc.). I’ve also been trying to adjust column widths recently for my Tech Infobox templates, and cannot for the life of me get it to work! I suspect the widths are being forced from one of the CSS pages as part of the new theme.
    In any case, the “proper” way to do it (putting my Python hat on for a second) is to create a proper Template for each kind of box and simply call that on each of the relevant pages. I’ve cribbed the source code for an Infobox used on another wiki I visit, and will try and mould it into something useable over the coming days.

Hoping you can make some fixes on your end!

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Thanks for sending this list through:

I’ve changed the colour of the text on this button.

I couldn’t see any invisible text :thinking: on the summary text field when editing a page - but the font was set to double the size (which has been reduced). Could it have been related to that, or do you still (not) see it?

Links in infoboxes should use the standard link colour now.

For civilizations, I’ve created a new template to standardise them and used that for all major and minor faction pages:

If you need any help with the tech template you’re working on let me know more details and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:



The colour fixes for the Show Changes button and links have taken - thanks for fixing these! There’s also been progress on the edit summary text - I can now see half of it, in a stripe down the middle:

Maybe halving the font size again would fix it?
With regards to Infobox templates, the faction one looks excellent! I’ve been able to complete the first tech Infobox template (for ship weapon technologies), which is now in use over at the Guidance Systems I page. I’ll roll these out to the other tech branches/existing pages when I’m able, hopefully over the weekend.


UPDATE: New tech Infobox templates have been rolled out to all existing pages.

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