A Laundry List for Wiki Admins

I’ve been doing my best to bring the Wiki to battle-readiness in the wake of the A4/Pre-Beta launch, but there are some issues and updates I don’t have permissions to fix. @joe - could you or another admin please take a look through this list?

  • The edit summary text is still only half-visible, which I reported previously – would halving the font size again fix it?

  • There are visibility issues on the User Preferences page – the background is still white, and not the dark blue now used as standard by the Wiki, producing the picture below. This is also an issue for the My Files page when any upload in the table is moused over. It should hopefully be just a simple hex code change!
  • Some of the hexagonal images for individual Technologies are still missing – they are listed at the Talk page. Can these be uploaded to complete the Tech tree, and individual Tech pages as they appear?
  • The Technology page uses a lot of levels of indentation to denote prerequisites in the Tech tree. This is fine on PCs, but doesn’t work on mobile… any fixes or suggestions from your end would be much appreciated!

For my part, I’ve spent the last few days going through all articles and categories, improving their structure and making sure they’re all appropriately filed and linked to one another. This has turned up a couple more things to do:

  • I’ve gathered together all of the redundant pages, categories and redirects that I can under the Candidates for deletion category. I’ve detailed each one on their respective Talk pages, but have no permissions to delete the pages themselves, as I am but a humble User. Can you look through these and clear the contents of this category if you’re satisfied?
  • There’s also a Manual category, which looks to be similar to the Help category for Wiki pages that appear in-game. None of the Manual pages seem to be populated – will they ever be needed? If not, can they be safely cleaned out?
  • On the subject of the Help category, these pages are not indexed under the list of all pages, and are only searchable if you know to include the Help: before their name, making them difficult to find. There are also some standard pages which have “duplicates” in the shape of Help pages, which I’ve categorised here. Are the standard pages now redundant, or are the Help pages intended to be separate from the rest of the Wiki in this way? I’ve also found that the Help pages are only editable by admins, so they risk becoming out-of-date over time.

I realise it’s a lot of text, but hopefully useful! Many thanks in advance.