60 concurrent, active players. And nobody seems to care

The silence is deafening. Seems that the developers have either hit a mental block or a code block. This game was the greatest hope for the genre in 20 years but I can feel that slipping away as other development teams catch on and do things right.

All we wanted was a statement. Something… Regarding exploits, and the problems that we all report on and face… It really is a slap in the face to the people who have recently spent hundreds of hours TESTING YOUR GAME FOR YOU.

Well, what’s up @joe & @loopzilla ??? Say something regarding exploits. Regarding balance changes that are obviously needed. Regarding anything that has been tearing this community apart for the last three weeks. You guys are absent and it is killing this for everyone.


Players get tired really fast, the issue is, there is no way to find players, without sending scouts and manually scan 1000 of systems. Sendsing scouts to 1000 of star systems is simply boring.

Also the developement is pretty slow, so last year there was introduced some kind of roadmap with some kind ot planet automations by AI controlled planets, which is far away from being released.

Also a simply delete buildqueue is missing. If you have a build queue of 200 buildings and you would like to add something at first place, you have to delete 1 by 1 building by yourself.

Also a direct build of higher tier buildings is missing. In short term, it is funny to keep your planets growing, but later it will just become annyoing to build level 1, then upgrade to level 2, then upgrade to level 3, which could be done in one step by allowing tier 3 building to be build from the scrap.

But as said above, scouting is the most annoying part in the game.


Auto-scouting would solve your first problem. Simple fix.

Slow development is acceptable. What is not acceptable is a lack of communication and addressing of game breaking / community rage issues. Plus exploits etc… as if I need to mention it

“Clear Queue” button is a must and something that I don’t understand how it could have been ignored unless the developers simply don’t listen and/or don’t play their game AT ALL

Upgrading structures, yup also annoying. Should be a quick, easy QoL fix. But nope more silence.

Essentially we have a whole bunch of issues being completely ignored and a community of loyal testers that is dying a slow and painful death right now

GG @joe GG @loopzilla


Massive micromanaging, UI issues and lack of meaningful interaction between people (including actually see where they are) I see as the biggest reasons why people don’t stick around.

The devs need to make this game appeal to the larger audience rather than the few that like bizarre mechanics such as mine-fields. Also, I haven’t seen any MMO survive without some decent PvE. It is a fun distraction from the labor intensive and risky PvP and even hardcore PvP MMOs such as Eve has huge amounts of PvE. Outscape has pirates which can be defeated by a 10/10 Destroyer fleet.

Some players need to get over themselves. Hours now matter? They are as meaningless as chasing the leader-boards. lol

What exactly do you want to tell with your message? This game has about 50 active players. thats a massive drop from 200 when the game was first released on steam as early access.

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As IDA have stated before, they are a small team. They cannot work miracles overnight. They have at least, recently asked, what ppl think are priorities. There are a lot of things that need tweeking or sorting out and all will take time. I get frustrated sometimes,but at least these guys are listening, which is more than can be said for some other games, (cough) Vega. Thanks.


Nobody is asking for a miracle. We are asking for Pepe’s exploiting and other exploits + balancing issues to be addressed.

No. Demanding.


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IMHO genre is dead since end of ogame’s best years. While the Outscape is an object where u can find some fun in this area. But not even close to anything great like “hope”. Thats a pity but life is ruthless ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Damn you pepe


Pepe, aka the destroyer of dreams

I still maintain that the problem is “lack of good wars”. Combination of fault of the community and fault of the mechanics.

Main1 was by far the most fun for me. Logged in every day for like 3 months fighting all my neighbors and it was a pretty even fight for a long time. They outnumbered me but I played more (and thus built more and moved more ships). But logging in every day to a war was tremendous fun and gave me real hope for the game even if some of the war mechanics themselves needed work.

What broke it was a combination of minefields and simply a lack of other wars. The groups I was fighting consisted of big coalitions of bored players who didn’t have anyone else to fight so while it took them a few months, they eventually just swamped me with more and more players from further and further away because they had nothing else to do. I was the only game in town. If they had some real enemies it would have been more fun for all. I could have kept fighting my local wars maybe indefinitely and their more distant players would have had their own wars to keep them busy.

Main2 was mostly just a dud for most of us. The alliances kinda stared at each other until everyone got bored and quit. If not for Black Sails, I don’t think much of anything would have happened in Main2. There were some solo players who got beat up but no major wars outside of Black Sails that I know of and the MOW leaderboard supports that pretty well.

High speed galaxy not only doesn’t address the problems but makes some of them significantly worse, notably the online vs offline problems.

Unlimited fleet range with no real upkeep means that a galaxy-spanning coalition can target individuals one at a time 15v1 if they want to so local wars end up squashed.

I believe this is all fixable, I just don’t believe the devs see the problem. And they listen more to the coalitions that are actually driving the death of the game. The more they get what they want, the more the game dies.


The thing with exploit’s is they are found in any strategy game. The problem is they are a bit out of control because the so said exploit isn’t causing the player to fall back into line with the normal function of the mechanic’s.

What I mean by this is that all players have access to use the exploit but in using it, it should eventually caused a major problem for the player to then have to solve.

As an example over population situation. As it stands now a player can over populate a colony as he has a max death rate of -720 on Main and -7200 on AtD. Which is quite easy to up keep the population to the planet for extremely long period of time. So with exploits yes a player should be allowed to use them but the result of extended use should complicate the players empire to a point where it force’s that player to fall back to normal game function or end up in a situation which causes a major headache for the player to solve.

The scouting is what is draining my soul. Every time I come up to a new cluster, the thought of manually charting fly-bys of 100 planets in 12-15 systems makes me want to gouge out my eyes with an ice cream scooper. So I don’t, and others don’t, and we end up with people tucked away on their clusters stockpiling mins and deep mines for … what?


I think the servers die by lategame for a reason. Nobody wants to spend 2 hours and countless clicks to issue essentially one command.


Is this on Main servers? Because on the Awaken server I don’t see why it is “dead” as some claim. Except the notification the devs sent out that they will, for unknown reasons, release another Awaken server when the current one is just over a month old.

If this game is to become a true MMO then the devs need to realise that all MMOs are designed to be perpetual and there should be no “Game Over”.


The end game needs to be addressed. Whack-a-mole is miserable, which is why the entire Black/Solid alliance quit two weeks ago.

Capture the flag/capital or holding unique star systems for points/hr would force a healthy combat system that would remove the bombardment/destructive boring end game we have now.


Well in a sandbox game, which is what I consider Outscape to be, endgame is what the players make it to be. However you do need the tools for it so the devs need to introduce more things to strive and fight for, such as massive capital ships and starbases which can only be built for special type of minerals which can only be gained by creating elaborate mining expeditions, like planetary mining on special planets.

This way, holding a unique system will be for a real reason and not arbitrary points which does not really mean anything.

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