6 vs 6 Battleships, Human Vs Ripchee


Small battle between myself and Puma. Her best ship against mine.


Pretty cool, but I think a better match up, would be if you both sat down and worked out how much it costs for your 6 battleships (I am human so I know just have expensive they are), then she produce the same amount of ships based on those costs. I get the feeling that she might be able to pull another 2-4 ships based on resource differences.

Another thing I would like to mention is that when ships start becoming a bit more focused with abilities and tech, as well as new weapons it should highlight the combat a bit more effectively. Right now Ripchee do best when they can ambush, because human and syntis ships turn slow. I would be cool to see a battle like that where Puma “ambushes” you from behind, I bet you would lose at least 1 more ship, maybe 2.

Last thing, what were both of your ships orders? Focus fire is extremely important in head to head confrontations.


This was just an initial test of some ships I designed. And yes they are significantly less costly than either human or syntis ships by almost 1/2. What’s available for the designs is currently very limited, as is to be expected at this stage. This is also my first experience with combat, still learning what settings are available and how to best set them for the situation.


Alright nice, well knowing that you can make say, 10-11 ships to his 6, if you can set up focus fire just right, I think that you will have a better shot at winning that 1v1.


Thanks, will be having some additional tests soon.


Came from VC myself this is looking pretty damn good hope they expand on this later in the making