0 active public games

I decided to take a look at this game after a while, got my key like a month ago. :slight_smile:
Looks like i need to play some sort of public game, but there isn’t one. Am I doing something wrong?

As of patch 0.97 which went in this morning, the one public game currently running is closed to any new players. There will hopefully be a new one established at some point, but IDA haven’t given a time frame for this yet.

Oh well, that sucks. :frowning:

This will be a recurring theme now. Really need a huge new server to avoid the bad optics of people having waited years to get a key and still can’t test the game.

Some sort of info about it should be in the game. Also any dates regarding new public games would be really nice. I can’t play for this reason right now, and I don’t know when I’m going to be able to. I can see how that can be annoying for new players.

Awe man so sorry to hear this!

However check this out:

We’re going to need to launch a new galaxy soon so that players that want to rejoin the game are able to do so. Based on player feedback, the next galaxy will be much larger! When we do launch another galaxy, it will likely run in parallel to the current Pre-Beta galaxy. For now, try not to get wiped out :wink:

Taken from here, which curiously has not yet been “announced” on these forums though it is on social media…

@joe. Can we not squeeze them in somehow? Your test_user account is now vapour… Ask me how I know :wink: That’s an open slot…


And that server was closed like yesterday? How unlucky can I be :exploding_head:

Ah you had to ask. No it was closed today about 6 hours ago…

Ah, yes. Let me go buy a ticket to lottery and be one number off :smiley:

Is there anyway we can get a single player galaxy that all players can “join”. It can be all local so that we can mess around on it without internet and test stuff out, but again, your there by yourself. Idk if it should be 1 solar or 50.


This would be a great way to test out new races and so forth to see if we liked them.

Hi, mate I can`t get on says 0 public games :frowning:

Going to bump this thread. With full galaxy if you want to restart a game - you cant do. So the players who want to have another try or test another faction just cant login.

I think devs have to clear galaxy from players who didnt login on account more than a month for example

I’m sizing up an abandoned Home-world of one of them now. But I agree with you, I’d rather have new folks in play than an easy win against automated defences

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60% of the players I’ve encountered never moved a fleet off their homeworld. It seems the massive blast really hurt more than it helped.

As a side note, I do wish they’d make it known what the plans are. Since Joe mentioned a possible reset/new galaxy I really haven’t spent as much time playing. No point in repeating actions from A3 and then watching it all get deleted again.

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Agreed. We’re back to most of the old troopers and the most active of the new. Because nobody can reset I personally and picking my targets very carefully as I wouldn’t like to personally boot an active from the game (or be rolled myself LOL!) So play testing is Kinda limited…

I hadn’t even thought of that… Crap. One more reason that I’m pretty much going to hang up my … uh… captains chair?.. until after the next galaxy. There’s really little point left. Everything I’m doing know is basically a duplicate of what I did in A3, so I’m not testing anything new. There’s no value as a player or a tester right now.

Disagree there sir. But respect the point you are making.

Thing is, new stuff and adjusted stuff has made it into this Galaxy, that needs to be tested. Who better to test then folks who knew how previous iterations of the Game played out? The new people of which we have several active and intelligent ones, have not know these differences so by definition cant see the progression in the game.

However if our friends at IDA were trying to put people off playing deliberately they’d be hard pressed to do a more effective job of it than they are: Seeing folks turn up most days try and get into the game and even posting “Bug reports” that the game they were invited to wont allow them to play is making me cringe every time it happens.

Please keep half an eye out for more developments Archo, and pitch in when they do reopen the doors!

I do not know what it takes to create or run a galaxy, but i really wish they kept dual galaxies running.

I dont know what it would take to create a solo galaxy, but if they could at least do that, that would be useful.

It comes down to the devs needing to work out how to update and enlarge a server they want to run long term with new content.

I also definitely don’t like starting over every time. And so far the server ends about the time the average players get everything researched. So end game stuff see’s less testing.