0 active public games

I decided to take a look at this game after a while, got my key like a month ago. :slight_smile:
Looks like i need to play some sort of public game, but there isn’t one. Am I doing something wrong?

As of patch 0.97 which went in this morning, the one public game currently running is closed to any new players. There will hopefully be a new one established at some point, but IDA haven’t given a time frame for this yet.

Oh well, that sucks. :frowning:

This will be a recurring theme now. Really need a huge new server to avoid the bad optics of people having waited years to get a key and still can’t test the game.

Some sort of info about it should be in the game. Also any dates regarding new public games would be really nice. I can’t play for this reason right now, and I don’t know when I’m going to be able to. I can see how that can be annoying for new players.

Awe man so sorry to hear this!

However check this out:

We’re going to need to launch a new galaxy soon so that players that want to rejoin the game are able to do so. Based on player feedback, the next galaxy will be much larger! When we do launch another galaxy, it will likely run in parallel to the current Pre-Beta galaxy. For now, try not to get wiped out :wink:

Taken from here, which curiously has not yet been “announced” on these forums though it is on social media…

@joe. Can we not squeeze them in somehow? Your test_user account is now vapour… Ask me how I know :wink: That’s an open slot…


And that server was closed like yesterday? How unlucky can I be :exploding_head:

Ah you had to ask. No it was closed today about 6 hours ago…

Ah, yes. Let me go buy a ticket to lottery and be one number off :smiley:

Is there anyway we can get a single player galaxy that all players can “join”. It can be all local so that we can mess around on it without internet and test stuff out, but again, your there by yourself. Idk if it should be 1 solar or 50.


This would be a great way to test out new races and so forth to see if we liked them.

Hi, mate I can`t get on says 0 public games :frowning: