Bug Tracker (list of open bugs) (6)

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READ FIRST before posting (1)
Fleet stuck in planet (2)
Wall in space because tactics is dead (6)
Cannot merge with a fleet when it is mining (2)
Can't move fleet with warp enabled (8)
Asteroid Belts stack on top of each other (2)
Planet overview locked into all UI panes (2)
Colony automanager (11)
Congratulations You Won... and you're all dead (3)
Research option not queuing (2)
Your Merged fleet has performed an illegal operation and must close (1)
Happiness growth percentage changes dramatically (3)
Pirate fleets are still bugged (2)
Cloaked fleet sees mines being laid (7)
Too close for comfort (1)
Carriers: Breaking Battles! (6)
Mine detector doesn't work (6)
Colony ship cannot merge fleet when target fleet contains a combat ship (1)
Pirates still broken (3)
Something fundamentally wrong with planetary battle reporting (4)
Computer locked up and steam uninstalled the game? (3)
Ripchee shields missing after unlock in (A3) (2)
Like shooting fish in a barrel (4)
Can't Enable Boost (10)
Unable to stack last slot in build (3)
Fleet glitch. Ships far outside fleet circle (4)
Torps firing at destroyed ships? (7)
Carpe Serverum (Seize the Server) (6)
No Assault Troop Module (13)